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  1. Area Music/ Ride Music in Creative?

    I like this! For ride sound effects, You can have it where you place a sign under a piece of activator or detector rail and on the sign it says --------------------------------- [Track Audio] Scream 1 --------------------------------- Or something along those lines! And then once your minecart goes over the track it plays the track on the audio server! @limegreenicy
  2. My Random, But Cute Home.

    I like it!
  3. New Creative Head Idea :P

    @Legobuilder0813 Maybe you guys can make a way to request it, like tpa. For example, you could do /menu *Opens the menu* Click on the head shop Click on "Online player Heads" *Shows only online players* Click on the desired head A message shows "Your request is going to *Players Name* they have 5 minutes to accept" If they accept; the player who requested the head gets the desired head If they decline: the player doesn't get a head!
  4. Suggestion - Creative

    @limegreenicy /\
  5. Questionnaire Section

    @FrancisDaPugtato yeah kinda like that!
  6. Favorite Rides At USO

    Ooo, I like that one too!!
  7. Favorite Rides At USO

    I haven't been to USO in real life only in Minecraft, so all thoughts are based on Palace I got to say the Simpsons, I am not a fan of using projections instead of practical effects or animatronics, but Simpson takes the cake for my favorite projection ride, I love the characters, and the animation they used for the ride!
  8. Idea: So you know on google forms how people sometimes use it for there own plot staff applications, or any kind of sign up thing, maybe at some point you could make some sort of section on the forms for Questionaires or sign ups!
  9. Minecraft Render

    Nice work!
  10. Hi-Ho!!

    Well if you read my name I am QWCBros, 

    You can call me Q or QWC

    I am building a theme park at the moment, wow so original, I know not so original but I think it's fun!:D