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  1. 1. DevShady 2. Palace Cruise Line 3. A modern and realistic/custom cruise liner, parked at a terminal (unfinished) 4. Because of lots of detail on the plot, it may cause lag while filming, and I ask that the terminal interiors are not filmed, as they are unfinished. In addition, the ship was built on the blank resource pack, however it works fine with the WDW pack, however it may cause more lag. The plot took 3 and a half months to build, and was almost completely a solo work. 5. I would like if mainly areas of the pool deck (Decks 11-13) and the main decks (decks 4-6) were filmed, especially
  2. I know that this topic hasn't been very well used anymore, but I figured this would be a good way to get the word out! The ship is not a replica or 1:1 scale, however it is based off of ideas from other cruise lines. The entire plot took 3 months of hard work to complete, but now I feel very accomplished! Other than the ship, there is a terminal, application/booking center, and a parking/drop off area. Hope you enjoy the plot as much as I do!
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