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  1. CreeperKG

    One Word Story

  2. CreeperKG

    Nice to meet me!

    Welcome to the forums! I too play both Minecraft and Overwatch!
  3. CreeperKG

    davidzoo -4 years on Server!

    Congrats on 4 years! I really like ADL a lot!
  4. CreeperKG

    MY UPDATED and very long INTRO

    Very nice intro! I also like the contemporary resort!
  5. CreeperKG

    Palace Forecast - September 5th, 2018

    Thanks Fluffy for the post and also thanks to the people that made the video! Nice work!
  6. CreeperKG

    [TTC] Kiosk freeze bug

    For whatever reason, the kiosk worked today. (September 4th, 2018).
  7. CreeperKG

    [TTC] Kiosk freeze bug

    Thats the odd part @Musician101, it doesnt claim for me. When my friend claimed his reward the diamond turned into an iron bar and specified the cooldown time. Mine does nothing
  8. CreeperKG

    [TTC] Kiosk freeze bug

    This is a very annoying bug probably exclusive to me and maybe a few other people as well. The TTC kiosks are frozen for me (not to be confused with the movie). When I try to right click to claim something, it does nothing. My friend used it and it worked for him. I attempted to fix this by having him queue in IASW and then I would use a slow fastpass (confirmed in chat). But then I warped back to TTC and it said "you already have a slow fastpass!" My brother used his on EE and it expired like it should have. Basically this gives me unlimited fastpasses, which is not fair, and no way to claim token rewards with the exception of voting for the server. From searching through reported bugs already this has been discussed but I just wanted to bring this up again, with confirmation and more detail. Thank you and have a good day.
  9. CreeperKG

    FastPass kiosk not giving monthly tokens

    My response is late but I have the same issue. There's a detail I'd like to add; I am "regioned off" from the spaces between the kiosks and possibly the kiosks themselves. This could be why.
  10. CreeperKG

    H0pe's Introduction

    Welcome to the forums H0pestart3r! Great intro, I too like super mario and pokemon!

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