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  1. CreeperKG

    Palace Forecast - June 5th, 2018

    Thanks for writing this and I'm excited for the new stuff!
  2. CreeperKG

    Disney Memes prt 2

    I swear this happens to me all the time
  3. CreeperKG

    A Day at Disney


    Thanks for hosting this! Hopefully I'll be there!
  4. CreeperKG

    Coaster World

    Great job on the park and nice effort! Interesting use of rails too!
  5. CreeperKG

    Story Time...

    The princess grabbed her weapon, a stapler hooked onto a fishing rod which was drenched in orange juice, and began to fight the villains at the entrance to work her way through the village.
  6. CreeperKG

    The Great Movie Ride

    I suggest throwing in something Marvel to coincide with the recent palace update?
  7. CreeperKG

    Palace Forecast - April 23rd 2018

    Good job and nice effort to the builders and video contributors! Also thanks to Clay for writing this!
  8. CreeperKG

    Story Time...

    Their favorite snack was a granola bar wrapped in cheese, which was coated in sauce, wrapped in a tortilla and had an exotic pineapple taste to it.
  9. If your dealing with school/work/etc, just keep swimming! ;)

    1. PrinceRisk


      That’s a funny joke. I mean you are like wishing people luck.

  10. CreeperKG

    Thoughts on Winnie The Pooh

    I remember loving it from my childhood. My favorite iteration is the Heffalump movie!

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