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  1. (I’m seeing both lots of new re-intro’s but also lots of new people and potential friends as well so... yeah! Here we go..) Story I am CreeperKG, an honorable on the Palace Network and as of today - a 6-year veteran in Minecraft! I originally found this server by searching around the web in summer 2015. Unlike the majority of the community, rather than the Disney magic and excitement, I had an interest for the blocks — I wanted to see how everything was built on the server. It was a brief visit, and I would return in summer 2016 to play for about a week or two. Summer 2017 is when I started to visit more regularly. Creative was now my go-to server and I started to open up more to the server, making some friends. I started on my plot quite possibly one of the best projects I have ever started, and like the other projects, all built alone and by hand. I liked it here so much that I bought dweller! 2018 I would continue this plot and make even more friends than before, while not playing exclusively during the summer. 2019 Still active as you can see! 😂 Interests Mainly video games and some drawing. I enjoy Pokémon, particularly the main series games (RPGs). My favorite Pokémon is Seismitoad. I casually play Overwatch and I like Torbjorn and Baptiste. I play Super Smash Bros and my main is Incineroar. Disney-related stuff -My favorite movie is Cars. I have enjoyed it since I was very young. -My favorite park is Epcot. I really liked the small fish and chips shop there when I went to WDW years ago. -My favorite WDW ride is the TTC! -I like the Contemporary Resort the best out of all of the resorts. I hope to meet some new people this year, and hopefully see some old friends too here on the server. Thanks for reading, and have a good day!
  2. Hello there, This bug randomly happens on the creative server, which is a kick probably caused by some kind of connection issue. The message is something like: "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" It can happen as fast as 10 seconds into joining creative or as long as 20 minutes. I can reliably join again after a minute or two, but any quicker and I get kicked for "You are already on the Palace Network!" The bug is pretty much enough to be considered game breaking; I could be chatting with friends or even talking with a staff member when all of a sudden I was disconnected. I don't think many other users experienced this issue based on when I asked. This also started happening often recently--It was not as frequent before, and it did not even exist at all last summer. Any ideas? Thank you, and have a good day.
  3. I bought honorable! Merry Christmas!

    1. PrinceRisk


      Merry Christmas Creeper

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