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  1. hey friends! its been awhile since ive stopped by and posted, so hello here i am finally lol. i hope all of you are doing well and happy wednesday!! halfway through the week! woohoo!! heres your reminder to drink some water if you haven’t already and please take care! mwah!

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    2. baifelicia


      yay blue! have a wonderful wednesday ❤️ 

    3. DecentDorito


      Happy Wednesday! Thanks, you too! 💗

    4. AirMan787


      YES omg I'm going to go get some water rn thank you for reminding me! Have a great one!

  2. officially a guide!! 🥳 so excited to be apart of the team! congratulations to my other guides as well!

    1. baifelicia


      wooo! can't wait to work with ya ❤️ 

    2. NobodyBut


      congrats blue! 💜

    3. AirMan787



  3. happy wednesday friends!! youve made it halfway through the week already! i hope youve all had a very enjoyable day so far! remember to be kind to yourself and others no matter what. it can really go a long ways. make sure youre drinking water and staying safe. mwah! 💖

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    2. baifelicia


      it's already wednesday!? have a good one blue! 💙

    3. NobodyBut


      thanks for this message blue! hope you have a great wednesday! 💜

    4. AirMan787


      Woop woop halfway through!!

  4. Hey everyone! Some of you may already know me but I felt like it was time for a proper introduction! I’m bluehours! Most people call me blue but you can also call me nate! Ive been apart of the server since 2015 (MCMagic days!!) and recently came back after a very long break! Heres a bit about me in case you wanna be friends! • Frozen is my favorite Disney movie and second favorite movie of all time! • I’ve been to every Disney park in the world! • My favorite colour is blue in case that wasn’t obvious by my username • I make music and am also an aspiring screenwriter!
  5. happy friday to all! im so proud of you for making it through the week. remember to be kind to yourself no matter what. also once again, good luck to everyone applying for guide. thats all for now! take care and stay safe! 💖

    plus my favorite olaf gif hehe

    frozen animation GIF

    1. baifelicia


      AWWW thank you blue 🥺

    2. pinkiness


      Always love an Olaf gif! Thank you for the kind words blue! 💙

  6. best of luck to everyone applying for guide! i believe everyone is going to do absolutely wonderful! remember not to get discouraged if youre not accepted! theres always next time! you got this!

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