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  1. Hope everyone had a good weekend!:D

    1. EnzoGoober


      I did! Did you?

    2. MissLilyStar
    3. Joshmc_


      Hope you had a great weekend to, and that this week is just as great!

  2. Hiya Pals, I'm MissLilyStar but most of you probably just know me as Lily. I've been on and off around Palace since the early days of MCMagic, however I've decided to make a full return and from now, you will see me around here, on Discord and on the Server a lot more. I'm super friendly and will happily accept a chat if ya want to! About Me I've been holding the Mickey Mouse Skins since 17/4/16. I've got loads of different ones for different occasions, events and more. I would like to thank @jedder for making a lot for me! <3 A few of my favourites, (that me and Jedder have made, I've attached to this post) I'm so glad to be apart of this community and be known as a "mouse" My Best Pals I've got loads of friends on Minecraft in general, not just on Palace. The ones that are apart of Palace Forums, I'll tag @Punkey (you're such a cool monkey and thanks for being by my side <3) @Canis18 (i like your anytime show now xD) @TwentyOneTinks (i LOVE YOU, we've known each other for so long. loved when we did the oovoo video calls with our other pals AND when i fell asleep on a video call to you HAHA love u) @Twentay (i also love you, thanks for letting me vent to you xD) @owils (cool mickey like me and an awesome show developer) @JustPlatinum (you make some amazing graphics, keep up the good work buddy) @ScanWorks (you are such a fast typer and really friendly. know you for a while as well!) I have so many more friends, but they are just to name a few. If you're not on the list, I STILL LOVE U Favourite Things Disney Character - Mickey Mouse Second favourite Disney Character(s) - Chip and Dale Favourite Disney Park - Disneyland Paris Favourite Animal - Cat Favourite Pixar Film - Monsters Inc Favourite WD Animation Studios Film - Wreck it Ralph Last Part So that's me in a nutshell. I'm always around on Discord and Minecraft. Both usernames are MissLilyStar. Hope to see you around sometime soon! I also have a Club which is open to everyone, attached below Have a swell day pals!
  3. I've just made a Club if anyone would like to join, the Mickey Mouse Club


    :P You can find it in the Clubs Section :) 

  4. Back on Palace Forums! Good luck to everyone applying <3

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