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  1. I'm not dead I'm just still tired. Thank you for the birthday wishes from Wednesday btw <3

  2. Happy birthday @BunnyMari!

    1. BunnyMari


      Thank you! <3

  3. I swear I didn't poof I'm just constantly tired o.O

    1. cheetah213


      Honestly, can relate.

    2. InkyPCMN


      I never seen you long time love you BunnyMari you so cute

  4. I just bought a Disney spirit jersey awwwwwyeeeee

  5. Not gonna lie, every time I get the notification sound from here, I feel like I'm back into my MSN messenger days

  6. How many Disney spirit jerseys can I attempt to hoard before my wallet goes completely empty?

  7. Yells

    1. limegreenicy


      screams internally

    2. SurvivalSam


      Breaks down door


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