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  1. You're gonna beat me as top member...

    1. SurvivalSam
    2. ScanWorks



      Thank you! Same to you!

  2. Ride Counter Bug

    Hmm, I've had this happen to me before.
  3. Suggestion - Off-Topic forum

    Love it! Great idea.
  4. Forum Bug

    Hello, I know the issue. Here's the fix: Go to your profile, click "profile settings", and hit "enable Status Updates" Hope this helps!
  5. Sad to hear that @Joecool123 has left the staff team :(

    1. Chrisboy04


      This is a sad day.........

    2. ItzAMePepiii


      *Sad music begins*

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have fun at Disney!

  7. I think @Zillent liking all my content is the reason I'm the top member :P.

  8. Hi Glitched.


    I have a Show Creator question. I have a castle on my plot, and I wanna make a fireworks show like Wishes, How can I make the fireworks go off at the castle? Or does it go off where I edit it?


                                                                                                                                                          Thanks, Sam.

    1. Thor_Jensen


      stand on the spot on the castle you want it to go off, you can select the power, 0 makes it go off where you are standing, 1 is the shortest distance shooting up, etc. my advice is to make some framing of where you want the fireworks to go off on, I used two colors for my framing. 1 for fireworks that go off straight away and another for the ones that shoot up to the sky, and once you're finished with the show, you can just delete the framing


    2. SurvivalSam

    1. Chrisboy04


      Finally somebody is asking the right questions.

    2. limegreenicy


      Yep xD That's why my name is LIMEGREENicy (fun fact: it's after the color, not the fruit :o)

    3. DisneyFreak2005


      I love it because its so punny hahahha.

  10. When you reply, to a reply, which is a reply, to a status update.

  11. Hi Nate! Haven't seen you on Palace in a while!

    1. SnancakesNate


      Hey! I've been busy with sports, school and trips over the past few weeks but it's been settled down now, so you'll be seeing me regularly again.

  12. Community Page Bug?

    @Brant, ahh, okay. Sorry for the meaningless post.
  13. I like ice cream *Mouse drop*

  14. Fantasyland

    @RossDuffy Thanks! I had amazing Build Team!