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  1. SurvivalSam

    Wishes Problems

    This is due to the server's anti-cheat plugin.
  2. SurvivalSam

    Luminary V Brain Review 2018

    o-O. @luminary786, this doesn't belong here. This is for Palace bugs.
  3. SurvivalSam

    Palace Forecast - June 19th, 2018

    Great newsletter! (As always).
  4. SurvivalSam

    Fill in the Blank #2

  5. SurvivalSam

    Winnie the Pooh and Friends Character Dining


    WHOO! I'M SO EXCITED!! Hope to see everyone there!!
  6. SurvivalSam


    That might be a glitch with the texture pack. Do /pack and switch to the right pack and see if it's fixed.
  7. SurvivalSam

    /warp MK ride audio problem.

    Are you using Chrome?
  8. SurvivalSam

    Character of the Week - 5

    I got third place. o-O. I think it's Tarzan from the Tarzan movie.
  9. SurvivalSam

    Compliments for... Everyone!

    Thanks! You too!
  10. SurvivalSam


    @GlitchedRS, ;(. Meep. 1
  11. SurvivalSam

    Compliments for... Everyone!

    I didn't e-e.
  12. Sam I'm not saying you copied my compliment...... but my compliment to everybody on the server was a little while earlier....


    (Just a little fun thing I created especially for this message. CAUSE WE CAN ADD CODE TO MESSAGES)

    <!DOCTYPE html>
      <h3 style="color:#003366"> Message to sam </h3>
      <p> Sam don't copy my compliment </p>

    (Jk buddy, this community deserves all the compliments it can get)


    1. SurvivalSam


      XD, allright, my friend.


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