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  1. Hello! Welcome to palace, family online! ❤️

  2. Hello everyone, I'm back! I was gone for a long time. A lot of things have happened in my life so I was forced to take a break away from palace. But I'm back and so excited for Pride Month! (honestly I love rainbows!) How have you all been? Are you as excited for summer as me! I love the hot weather and going swimming, tell me what's your favorite part of summer is! Anyway I hope you all have a great day❤️

  3. Hi, @PikaGirl7, before the update you were supposed to have saved your plot with a command but since the update has already happened the command no longer works. If you want to try to save your plot I would ask in questions on forums or ask a staff member on the palace discord in the #community questions chat.
  4. So nice to meet you! Hello! 💗
  5. Hello everyone! It's been some time since I last made a status update wow. Well I'm back, and I have to say the new update is amazing! I love it. All the new blocks and new people too! More friends yay! Anyway hope you have a great day bye! 💗

    1. SweetHoneyTea_


      Welcome back, Starry!! I hope you had a lovely Sunday ❤️ 

  6. Wow! I'm so excited woo!
  7. Disneyworld! I love all the rides and the lands!
  8. I would suggest the castle on /join wdw1 and /warp castle! It's very pretty during night time. Also congratulations!
  9. Hello, I really like the palace profile right now but I wanted to do my own spin on it! So here it is: Cerbit: I didn't create the castle but I did edit it in different ways to fit the style 💗
  10. Hello! Wow it's been a while since I did a status update. So how are you all? I'm look forward to Easter, Happy Easter! And If you don't celebrate that well Happy Spring! Spring has sprung. I baked some cookies they didn't turn out very well- the bottoms were burnt got any baking tips? I would be glad to hear them, (and I could probably use some...) Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! ♥

    1. craftygirlygamer


      Happy Tuesday Starry! ❤️ 

  11. Happy Friday everyone!! Big creative palace news, have you heard that creative is finally getting a update! 1.13,  and good news you can save your plot! The new creative update includes, the new things coming from 1.13 and palace might add train models. Plus bigger plots. I hope you all have had a great day and it's finally the weekend! 

    1. craftygirlygamer


      Happy Friday Starry! ❤️ 

  12. Hello everyone, it's Sunday! The weekend went by so fast... well it's not over yet but- you know what I mean. I had an amazing time on Saturday and it was lovely catching up with my friend. Did you do anything on Saturday or are you planning to do something today? I'm thinking about baking, I don't know what I should bake, but that I want to bake. Haha! A weird status update today. Anyway I hope you all have an amazing day! 💗

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