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  1. JustinsWorld4U

    Disney-Pixar Movie part 2 of your choice?

    If you had a choice, to be the Director of a Disney Pixar Movie to make a part 2 of ANY movie of your choice, what would it be and why? Mine would 100% be Ratatouille as I feel like there can be a part 2 where their restaurant that they made falls or, something happens!
  2. If you had a choice to create a part 2 of a Disney-Pixar Movie what would it be? For me it would 100% be Ratatouille 2paris.gif.5cbbaca8a5f21202e586a0528dfd587a.gif

    1. cjh66
    2. LuigiFan0001


      If I had a part 2 idea.. it would totally be Wreck-It Ralph. LOVE the movie.

      I am not sure if this is Disney.Pixar but I posted.


    3. colefb9


      @LuigiFan0001you're in luck. My pt. 2 idea would be a sequel for Monster's Inc.

  3. Oh no.... Look to the right... Good luck to all ^_^

    Oh no.JPG

    1. cjh66


      i bet you anything @thepartyboy376 is behind this! HHN is the only thing for him xD

    2. thepartyboy376


      @cjh66 MWHAHAHAHAHA!! >:D 

  4. Stitch is life :D! Like if u agree :)!

  5. Congrats @ScanWorks On 100+ Followers!

  6. JustinsWorld4U

    Who is your fav Disney Character?

    <3 Thanks!
  7. JustinsWorld4U

    Who is your fav Disney Character?

    Mine would have to be Stitch! He is just so cute and reminds me a lot of my dog (Image below) and I love how smart, funny and dumb he can be sometimes :)! What is yours?
  8. Does anybody else think that if you go to Palace Network for a total of 100 days you should receive something :D?

    1. sushibae


      consecutive days, or just logging in on 100 different days overall?

    2. ScanWorks


      Hello @JustinsWorld4U,

      That would be a very good idea!

  9. JustinsWorld4U

    Story Time...

    "Well," Canis said. "You have to use your imagination. Ain't that the whole point of Disney?" Cjh nodded and went to...
  10. How is everyone ^_^?

  11. JustinsWorld4U

    Character of the Week - 7

    MY guess would be Burrito the Donkey from Gauchito
  12. JustinsWorld4U

    Parties Every Month

    I love the idea! But the only thing that I don't like it the fact of the Back to school cause, hehe, not many of us enjoy school xD! Nah I was joking, but what would we have as a celebration as it?
  13. Who else wonders where the Forecast is ^_^?

  14. JustinsWorld4U

    Disney Memes prt 2

    Noice one @cjh66 but what about this? When trainee applications are opened.

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