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  1. JustinsWorld4U

    Fill in the Blank #2

    their food! ( Don't know if I did it correctly xD)
  2. JustinsWorld4U

    /warp MK ride audio problem.

    In some areas the audio is delayed, mostly at the start.
  3. JustinsWorld4U

    /warp MK ride audio problem.

    The audio is a little delayed. It says to our left there is a lake but there are only trees and the river is 20 blocks in front. It is not a major problem but for people who get lost easier and who are not good at English might get lost and wont enjoy the ride as much as I do Thanks!
  4. JustinsWorld4U

    Disney Memes prt 2

    Me when I am riding the Haunted Mansion.
  5. There are a lot of rides in the good old fashion Magical Kingdom, but only ONE to all of us is the best. My personal favorite would be the haunted mansion near It's A Small World. I just love how it's so fun and so scary at the same time! I've probably rode the ride 50 times and I still can't get over how good it is build in Minecraft! So, what is your favorite and why?
  6. JustinsWorld4U

    Another..Counting game o-o

    And the big 380 :)! Let's get ittt!!!
  7. JustinsWorld4U

    Story Time...

    Magic. He knew that by doing /ban (username) he could remove the dragon forever, but there is one side effect. He could come back as an alt, so that meant that...
  8. JustinsWorld4U

    Word association

  9. Thanks for 100 views on my profile ;)!

  10. JustinsWorld4U

    Disney Memes prt 2

    When I wait in line to meet a character. (I am the master at Disney memes)
  11. JustinsWorld4U

    Disney Memes prt 2

    When you get all A's
  12. JustinsWorld4U

    My Compliments goes to the whole Palace community.

    You all deserve it after all <3!
  13. JustinsWorld4U

    Once a month have an amazing event!

    True, forgot about that! But thanks for the feedback ;)!
  14. So I was thinking. Why not every month we have a massive event? So it might sound vague what I just said but let me explain. We all know how build battles are a thing, group rides in between guests and have pictures and meet ups and so on but what I thought would be a cool idea is that maybe what we do, one day during the month, we have a sort of party like event. Where we all meet at the castle, grab a huge group photo and then we all go together to different rides? It would be like a massive get together sort of thing? It is just a small idea I came up with but hey, you never know ;)!
  15. JustinsWorld4U

    Disney Memes prt 2

    When you get a terrible grade on a paper that took way too long to do.

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