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  1. egamer25

    Palace Forecast - July 16th, 2018

    #StarToursHYPE Can't wait for the return of Star Tours... Great Newsletter as always.
  2. egamer25

    Fill in the Blank #2

    As Mickey, Donald and Goofy packed up their camping gear, they failed to realize they forgot food rations.
  3. egamer25

    Favorite Version of Space Mountain..?

    Hyperspace Mountain. The Star Wars overlay brought such a much needed energy to that tired coaster.
  4. egamer25

    A Character Day At Disney World

    IT would need some, 'Tweaking' and Probably Half the the amount of characters. But it's at interesting Idea.
  5. egamer25

    Palace Forecast - May 16th 2018

    ScanWorks and JackThePotato did an awesome, job and thanks Clay for putting the Forcast together each week! Awesome job!
  6. egamer25

    Nether Star Navigation to Parks is faulty.

    also a long standing issues, that has signs in the hub how to get around it, Problem is nobody reads them. My recomendation remove all refrences to the nether star warp them in to a small box in the hub that they can't get out of without reading all the rules or memorize /join
  7. egamer25

    Ride Counter Bug

    This is a a long standing bug... it started when LDShadowlady brought her mass of minions and has never been fixed.

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