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  1. I'm pumped for this build battle, can't wait to see the theme for today. May the best team win!

    1. Mavly


      Woop woop!

  2. Woooooo all my projects for school are done for now. Can't wait to be fully active again!

    1. ScanWorks



      Welcome back!

    2. Mavly



    3. Joshmc_


      Yay!!! Can’t wait to see you around again Cole!! 

  3. I'm heterosexual, but I fully support the LGBTQ+ community and everything they have achieved in recent years. I have some friends that are part of the community and they are really cool people, along with those of you on here that are LGBTQ+!
  4. School is pretty stressful. Just came off 3 projects and an essay in the past week. So basically, I lost a whole lot of sleep and I stressed out a whole lot. The only good thing is the amount of tea my English teacher spills about other people in the school and her other students.
  5. Great intro! You've done a lot of helpful work for the server and again, congrats on Admin
  6. Welp I have a 3 day weekend, can't wait for the dance parties. (Don't rick roll me at the 80s one :wink:

  7. ooooooooooof, 182 minutes on Endgame, I'm gonna need to sneak in a lot of food

    1. Joshmc_



    2. BrerRabbit_


      A 3 hour Avengers Movie :ai:

    3. Mavly
  8. Gl to everyone applying for trainee!

    1. Mavly


      Gooooooooood luck!

  9. /ban cjh66 don't worry about the nose, it's just not there
  10. Before I reintroduce myself to those who don't know me, I just want to acknowledge all the good this server and community have done. I want to thank the staff and the guests for so many memories. I hope to make more memories as time goes on. Now for the fun part... I'm colefb9, that one honorable that rides gmr too much. I've been playing mcmagic since 2015 and palace since its rebranding and ownership change. Here is the list of all ranks I've had in the past: Guest/Settler- 2015 to April 2018. Noble- April 2018 to June 2018. Majestic- June to July 2018. Honorable- July 2018 to present. Anyways, time to talk about myself: I play hockey and I've been playing since 6th grade. This is my 5th season (now a sophomore) Speaking of school, I hope to go into a science field that doesn't require too much math. If anything, I'm good at history, science, and sleep deprivation I play a lot of videogames, and if you look at my Discord, you can see me playing Civ 6 a lot. I recommend it if you like history, politics, and strategy. I mostly play that with the man, the myth, the legend @JavaLikesAgua Since this is Disney, I have to talk about that. I've been to WDW twice and I'm going again in late August. Favorite Ride- SPLM or RRC Favorite Movie- The Emperor's New Groove Favorite Character- Idk, all of them are great I watch Game of Thrones and I also read the books that the TV series is based on. I browse Reddit a little too much and I watch YouTube quite a bit as well That's all I have to say for now, see you all around the parks!
  11. Happy birthday!

  12. After a long absence from the forums, I'm finally back. It's been too long and I want to again be more involved in the community

    1. xFqdedMemory


      Welcome back! <3

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