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  1. Luke241

    Great Staff

    I have tried to enjoy Palace just never could have. I have been on it before but you know all that craziness happened.
  2. Luke241

    Great Staff

    Thanks for the hard work you do to the guest! I wish I could see it!
  3. Luke241

    Disney Pins

  4. Luke241

    Great Staff

    Hi there! You guys are doing a great job keeping your Guest, and other staff members happy! Also you guys have been building very well! Sadly I can't experience the fun but just when I used to be able to come on you guys were awesome!
  5. Luke241

    The Grand Serenity Theatre

    I CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT IT!! Its awesome. <3 YAS!! GREAT WORK!
  6. Luke241

    My Own Disney Cruise Ship / New York Hotel.

    That's amazing!! Keep up the magical work!! I LOVE IT!!

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