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  1. Happy Sunday! Today’s poll is for palace pride! I hope you enjoy and we hope to see you at the community meeting today!
  2. This is a very cool concept!! Can’t wait to see more!
  3. Forums looking good! Amazing job, web team!

    1. baifelicia


      i know! i'm loving it so much 

    2. DecentDorito


      Yess, they really did a wonderful job. 

  4. Night of the Round Table: A Sword in the Stone Celebration! Greetings, Castle dwellers! This Monday, September 7th, 2pm EST will be the Night of the Round Table! For one night and one night only the Sword in the Stone castle! On this royal day, you will be invited to feast, ride, jump, dance, run, and even try your hand at pulling Excalibur! We hope to see you there! Calendar link:
  5. Back to School Bash 2020! This year, like last, we will be having a Back to School Bash and this year it's going to be twice as big! This year, we will have 10+ interactive sport/activity huts, music, dance, food, drink, and way more! We hope to see you there! RSVP & Comment here: Twitter post:
  6. Celebrate the start of the school year with us with music, interactive activities, food and drink, and more! For more information click the link below! Event Announcement: Twitter link: https://twitter.com/PalaceNetwork/status/1295827921429573640?s=20
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