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  1. 2702awesome

    Soarin' Bug

    On Soarin', I was on the middle track and for some reason half way through the ride, it teleports you to the left track and you go behind with the music and the other carts so you finish later. This happened a few times but it may have been fixed but I do not know.
  2. 2702awesome

    2702awesome's Introduction!!

    Hey, I am 2702awesome!! DVC MEMBER Rank: Honorable I have been to Walt Disney World: 21 Times I have been to Disneyland Resort: 1 Time I have been on Disney Cruises: Magic: 1 Time - Wonder: 3 Times - Dream: 4 Times - Fantasy: 2 Times I am a DVC Member who loves all things Disney. My favorite character is Stitch. My favorite park is Epcot!

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