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  1. Suggestion - Creative

    Hello! My idea is that there should be a way for people who are on your friend list to be able to tpa to your plot. You can have an option to turn this off, like the option to turn off friends going into your hotel room. I think this will make plots more accessible for people, and like I said before, you can just toggle it off.
  2. Suggestion - Forums

    I like this idea! I think it would be fun!
  3. Questionnaire Section

    Like a Community Projects section?
  4. Fantasyland

    I BuIlt tHe cAStLe y’ALl jk nice castle
  5. What is your favorite ride?

    I think my favorite ride is Splm, but I spent too much time in Creative anyways.
  6. Suggestion- Creative

    Hello! You may or may not be aware that you can make Shows with Show Creator in both of your plots, but it sometimes becomes a bit confusing. People have been talking about Show Creator having the ability to make different shows. So instead of having to mix up both of your shows in your two plots, just have them as different entries as well?