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  1. i honestly have no idea what im doing

    so heres a status update

    1. _Carter500


      omg so cool yaya

    2. Jishy_


      e <-- here is an e

  2. lol im hopeless :)

    1. statawesomeguy


      Hello hopeless! I'm StatAwesomeGuy! I haven't seen you on the server before but it will be nice to meet you!

    2. cjh66


      No you are CowDestroyer1313... i confuzed rn

    3. Canis18
  3. CowDestroyer1313

    Hoppers seem to have stopped working.

    The issue might have been they were just full.
  4. Happy New Year everyone! 2019 is going to be incredible! I can’t wait to see what it brings! ❤️

    1. Soniccc


      Thank you! I can't believe how fast these years are going!

  5. CowDestroyer1313


    No problem! It's always great to help someone out especially once you reach the victory. It's a great feeling to successfully help and fix something for you, and I'm glad you'll be able to come back online more often! <3
  6. Hey cow I was wondering if you could tell me the Date and time of the Christmas party


    1. CowDestroyer1313


      Sure thing, @princess_howler! There is no set time for a party at the hub, although you can still see it, but Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party is Sunday 12/23 at 11AM EST. ;) 

    2. princess_howler
  7. Treat everyday like it's Friday.


    Even if it is Friday.

    1. ItzPolarBear


      INCEPTION?!?!?! =0

    2. Sprinkle


      So true  @CowDestroyer1313 so true xD.

    3. Soniccc


      Very true @CowDestroyer1313. Thank you for the positive advice.

  8. merry early christmas


    have a good day

    good night


  9. CowDestroyer1313

    Plots are getting erased

    We haven’t been clearing plots to try and figure out what the problem is. I can assure you no staff or no one for that matter are the cause of this. We’re working on a solution and it should stop happening soon.
  10. CowDestroyer1313


    I've been wanting to do this for so long. Not only say this, but to also live in a magical castle.
  11. CowDestroyer1313

    What do you think of all of these new trailers coming out?

    I think they will look good, but not be as good. I feel like Disney si just running out of ideas and needs more inspiration to make a movie.
  12. Hope everyone likes the new forums! Everyone who worked on it did a fantastic job!

    1. _Carter500


      How do you do status updates?

    2. CowDestroyer1313


      @_Carter500, go to your profile, Click "Add something new" (it's something like that at the top of your page lel) Type what you want, click... Save I think, it's the blue button on the bottom left, boom. Status update.


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