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  1. UPDATE (2): The /m command seems to have been fixed now. All seems to be normal again, so this report can now be closed as fixed.
  2. UDPATE: Seems to have been fixed now, at least for /msg, /reply, and /r (thanks Pepiii!). /m still doesn't work; has its functionality changed? Even Pepiii told me he couldn't use it.
  3. ADDENDUM: This affects the /msg, /m, /reply, and /r commands. You will be told that you do not have permission to use them, no matter which one you type.
  4. Title explains it all - guests cannot use the /msg command because of a permissions issue. You will be told that you can't use it if you try to use it. Figure 1: I have typed the command in to chat... Figure 2: And now I have been denied access to it!
  5. When you attempt to lay whilst sitting, or the other way around, the error message tells you that you cannot sit in the air. This is a little misleading, because the player is not technically in the air, even though the error message is technically correct in that the player can't do what they're trying to do because you can't sit while laying or vice-versa. To reproduce, simply enter sitting or laying mode. Then, attempt to do the opposite (if you're laying, type /sit, or if you're sitting, type /lay).
  6. Just to add: My most recent room lapsed seven days ago, and I did trigger the message the very next day. The message appeared again to me just today (but I crashed before I could screenshot it). I do not have any rooms currently rented out, and I will not be renting out any rooms going forward, so that if I get the message again, I will screenshot it and add it here.
  7. On certain occasions, you can be told that your room has expired more than once after you've already been told that it has expired, even if you do not rent another room afterwards. In a nutshell: You rent a room, and let it lapse. Rejoin the Resorts server after the rental lapses to trigger the message. Up to this point, the behavior is normal. Do not rent another room afterwards. The server may incorrectly display the "Room expired" message again, even though you've already been shown it once. I don't know what causes this, but it is confusing if you haven't rented another room since seeing the message the first time. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a screenshot, as I crashed before I was able to get one.
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