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  1. I suffered the same issue, and staff are aware of it. From what I understand, they are actively working on a fix (which they should considering the game-breaking nature of this issue).
  2. UPDATE (2): I'm a complete idiot. I am just now realizing this is intended, but perhaps it could be fixed to add your item to your inventory instead of only attempting to add it to the hotbar. Nevertheless, please disregard the report (unless you want to look in to my suggestion).
  3. UPDATE: The picture is not showing correctly in the report, so I have reuploaded it here. You can just barely see that the game claims I don't have enough inventory space.
  4. If your hotbar is full, you cannot buy an item, regardless of how much space you actually have in your inventory. To replicate, place five different items in the empty spaces of your hotbar, making sure you also have at least empty space in your inventory (NOT your hotbar). Then, attempt to buy an item. You will be prevented from doing so, and the game will claim you do not have enough space (as seen in the provided image), which is not true if you have empty space in your non-hotbar inventory.
  5. UPDATE (2): The /m command seems to have been fixed now. All seems to be normal again, so this report can now be closed as fixed.
  6. Title explains it all - guests cannot use the /msg command because of a permissions issue. You will be told that you can't use it if you try to use it. Figure 1: I have typed the command in to chat... Figure 2: And now I have been denied access to it!
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