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  1. sushibae

    Favorite Disney Video Game

    Disney Infinity hands down!
  2. sushibae

    Disney Character Name Game!

    I'm gonna go with "Little Green Men" I find that so funny, so Nala
  3. Art of Animations is so pretty! If I ever got the chance to go I would definitely stay there!
  4. sushibae

    Who is your fav Disney Character?

    Mine is 100% Peter Pan, I just think he's so cool!
  5. sushibae

    Disney Character Name Game!

    Alice (from Alice in Wonderland)
  6. sushibae

    What Is Your Favorite PIXAR Short Film?

    For the birds!!!
  7. sushibae

    Word association

    Harry Potter!
  8. sushibae

    What is the IP of the server

    play.palace.network (: Have fun on the server!
  9. sushibae

    Hogsmide or Diagon Ally

    I love both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, but I'd have to go with Hogmeade. It's just the coziness vibe, I just love it. I love winter and the snow just makes me love it so much!
  10. sushibae

    Disney Character Name Game!

  11. sushibae

    New Community Forums!

    I love the new update, good job!
  12. sushibae

    Disney Character Name Game!

  13. sushibae

    Spiderman or Hulk?

    I agree also
  14. sushibae

    Palace Forecast - July 9th, 2018

    OMG I am so excited!!! Will be there 100%
  15. sushibae

    Disney Character Name Game!


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