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    What would I do without a great friend like you? <3 <3 I mean... BFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Uhhhh... I know this... I think it's 99... WAIT, ITS 7!
  3. Happy Pal-entines day everyone! Hope you all have an amazing day whatever you're doing! <3

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      Happy Pal-entines!

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    Itz-A-Me-Pepiii Updated Introduction!

    I'm currently specialising in Carnivores; Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs and more! I am also currently studying Brown Bears, who are not carnivores but are omnivores as they eat both plants and meat! Carnivores - Eat only meat Omnivores - Eat plants, meat and fish Herbivores - Eat only plants
  5. ItzAMePepiii

    Itz-A-Me-Pepiii Updated Introduction!

    It's not most people's first choice, but I do love working with animals!
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    Itz-A-Me-Pepiii Updated Introduction!

  7. Introduction | ItzAMePepiii Hello everyone! My name is ItzAMePepiii, but ya'll can call me Pepiii and you may have seen me around on the server a lot. I like to interact with each and every one of you in chat by saying hello, or answering all your guys' questions! Throughout this introduction I want you guys to get to know me a bit more, what I like, and hopefully get to answer some questions which you guys might have whilst reading this, but if I don't answer them then don't be afraid to respond on here in the forums or just message me on Palace! So... Here we go! 1 | What's my favourite park? Out of every single park mine is Animal Kingdom, this is because I have a fascination for animals, especially exotic animals! 2 | What is my favourite ride? My favourite ride, obviously in Animal Kingdom, and that is Kilimanjaro Safari! This amazing Safari Ride I have ridden too many times to count, and I fully suggest everyone trying it out at as it is amazing, and you can get to it by doing; /join AK -> /warp KS! 3 | When did I join Palace Network? I joined Palace Network well... I've been here way way longer than quite a few of you! I've been here since the beginning of time... Way back when it was McMagic... And way before that! So we're talking a long long time ago, when the server was very very small. 4 | Who are my favourite Characters? To name a few, my favourite characters are Goofy, Mickey, Donald, Ariel and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! I love meeting all of the characters that come onto Palace! 5 | What do I aspire to do? My main goal for the future is to become a Zoo Keeper! I have a huge fascination for all wild animals and hope one day to be lucky enough to go out on an African Safari as part of conservation work to help save these amazing animals! I currently am looking to specialise in meat eaters, or carnivores as one of my favourite animals are Tigers! I'm currently volunteering at my local zoo every weekend hoping to become a Keeper Volunteer, which allows me to get hands on and help them look after these amazing animals! 6 | How did I get my name? Countless people have asked me how I got my name and this is from way back when I had Pepsi in my name. I was playing with my friends and rather than saying Pepsi, they said Pepiii- and I thought this name had a nice feel about it and then it was trying to think of what to pair it with. It took me a couple of days to think of something and it was whilst I was playing Mario Kart WII Edition that I figured out ItzAMePepiii, as you all know me as today! 7 | What's my favourite show on Palace? Well, some people may already know what my favourite show... or should I say, parade is. It's the Festival of Fantasy Parade! Yes, I absolutely love this parade, and what I love about it the most is the soundtrack! It is amazing! I hope that this updated introduction has answered some more questions that you may of had about me! Have anymore questions? Just message me! You can message me through; Minecraft: ItzAMePepiii Discord: ItzAMePepiii#4898 See ya'll soon!
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    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban DanteTheGucci | That's not very gucci behaviour.
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    One Word Story

  10. ItzAMePepiii

    One Word Story

  11. African Spoonbill The African Spoonbill is a white-bodied and red face, legged and bill'd bird. As the name suggests, they can be easily identified by their interestingly-shaped beak, which looks like a spoon. However, their identifiable beaks do not develop when they are first born- as a matter of fact. they are born with short-straight beaks much like the natural bird you'd see in your garden! Their beaks grow as they develop into adult Spoonbill's, and is fully developed by the time they leave the nest. With many animals, it is usually easy to tell apart the males and females, however in this case- it's not quite so easy, as they are similar in appearance, but the females can sometimes be bigger than the males! Garden birds usually begin nesting and having chicks in the spring, but for the Spoonbill they like the coldness- which is why their chicks hatch in the winter. Pairs will join a colony for protection of predators trying to take advantage of all the food available for them. The eggs are white and spotted with either red, black or brown spots; it can vary each time depending on the egg! The diet of an African Spoonbill is easy to understand, as I mentioned earlier about their specially adapted beak, it's shaped like a spoon. This means, they can use it as a scoop in the water- meaning they commonly eat fish or aquatic invertebrates! These are natural to their habitat of Southern Africa. There were some general and interesting facts about the African Spoonbill! Did you know; The scientific name for the African Spoonbill is Platalea alba - Scientific names are given to all animals in a latin format, so that people around the world can use a name they understand! Picture in Spoiler; Adult African Spoonbill
  12. Animal Kingdom Animal Facts The purpose of this topic is to allow everyone who comes onto the server to understand the different types of animals that you see on Animal Kingdom in a more in depth way. Hopefully, you will learn something new in each animal and also have a lot more fun at the same time whilst learning! There will be a weekly post which will cover a different species and; General facts, interesting facts, did you knows and where they can be found in the Animal Kingdom! Posts will also include pictures of each animal so you can understand what they look like! Throughout the weeks, there may be some animals which people can be scared of; to allow this to be fun for all- pictures will be hidden by spoilers and be appropriately labelled so that people can bypass pictures if they want to. I hope you enjoy these weekly posts and learn something new! If you want a specific animal to be featured, be sure to let me know; but we will get round to all species in AK, so don't panic if your favourite animal is not featured right away! Thanks to @Canis18 for allowing this to happen!
  13. Hey everyone!

    Been a while since I have done a status update! How you all doing? I'm sure you're all extremely excited for Christmas, as am I!

    So some of you may or may not know that I have a huge passion for animals- and currently studying full time to become a Zoo Keeper! I am going to start a daily/weekly post on my status talking about different animals that you'd typically see in a zoo setting with some interesting facts that you may already know, and some you may not know!

    If you want me to do some specific animals, then please do let me know at the end of this status post- and apologise for this being rather lengthy!


    I hope you all are well and see you on Palace soon!
    The holidays are coming,,,

    1. ItzPolarBear


      its my birthday... SO OF COURSE ITS AMAZING! :D 


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