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  1. CREATIVE ARMOUR STAND EDITOR Creative's Armour Stand Editor, as of right now, is the newest addition to Creative! Lots of Guests over the years have requested something like this and the Creative Department are finally able to bring it to you! Now, this is new and in testing for Creative so there may be bugs but please report them in the Creative Feedback channel on Discord, through a Staff Member or a "Report a Bug" form here on the forums. Here we go! 1. How to get to the Armour Stand Editor. It's pretty easy to get! Open the Creative Inventory (using e) and get out a flint! As easy as that! Right-click the flint and then you'll have a GUI open up and this is how you can edit an Armour Stand on YOUR PLOT ONLY! 2. The GUI The GUI is basically how you can control what the flint in your hand does. So if you want the Placement to change, or the Rotation to change. If you want to move the arms, make it smaller or larger and more! The best way to learn is to mess around with it! This is the GUI. Below there is a breakdown of what each item is and what it does. 3. GUI Breakdown Top Row: Red Wool: X-Axis, select this to either move or rotate the Armour Stand on the X-Asis. Green Wool: Y-Axis, select this to either move or rotate the Armor Stand on the Y-Axis. Blue Wool: Z-Axis, select this to either move or rotate the Armor Stand on Z-Axis. Coarse Dirt: Coarse Adjustment, select this to move the Armour Stand one block at a time. (Quicker but less accurate). Sandstone: Fine Adjustment, select this to move the Armour Stand a little bit at a time. (Slower but more accurate). Compass/Radio: Rotate, select this to rotate the Armour Stand on the axis you selected. Minecart: Placement, select this to move the Armour Stand on the axis you have selected. NOTE: When moving Armour Stands on the Y-Axis (up or down) if you're moving it into a block make sure to turn Gravity off). Second Row: Leather Cap: Head Position, select this to either rotate or change the placement of the head position. Third Row: Left Stick: Right Arm Position, select this to either rotate or change the placement of the right arm. Leather Chestplate: Body Position, select this to either rotate or change the placement of the body position/chestplate area. Right Stick: Left Arm Position, select this to either rotate or change the placement of the left arm. Lever: Reset Pose, select this to reset the pose of the Armour Stand. Stick Three: Show Arms, select this to either show the arms or hide the arms of the Armour Stand. Potion: Visibility, select this to make the Armour Stand visible or invisible. Pufferfish: Size, select this to make the Armour Stand big or small. Fourth Row: Left Leather Leggings: Right Leg Position, select this to either rotate or change the placement of the right leg. Chest: Equipment, select this to put equipment onto the Armour Stand into the hands or head position. Right Leather Leggings: Left Leg Position, select this to either rotate or change the placement of the left leg. Sand: Gravity, select this to turn gravity on or off on the Armour Stand. Stone Slab: Baseplate, select this to turn the baseplate on or off. Fifth Row: Book: Copy, this copies the current settings of the Armour Stand into a clipboard. Enchanted Book: Paste, this pastes the Armour Stand settings in the Clipboard onto an Armour Stand that you hit. Sixth Row: Four Flower Slots: Copy Slots, this allows you to save the Armour Stand settings in there for future reference. Nether Star: Help, this opens a help in chat for you. FOR MORE INFORMATION, USE THIS WIKI: https://github.com/RypoFalem/ArmorStandEditor/wiki 4. How to use it! Firstly, place an armour stand and then get the flint into your inventory. Select what you want to do, for example Placement and on what axis (x, y or z). Once you've done this- decide if you want to use coarse or fine adjustment and then you're set to go! Hit the armour stand to move it "up" or right-click to move it "down". Use the Wiki for more information. ENJOY!
  2. Hello! Just saw this and apologise for such a late response! This is definetly a highly requested feature that Guests and Staff have wanted to be added for sometime. I'm unsure if you attended PalaceCon last year, when we announced the new Creative Update that was coming (there is still no set date for this to happen). Included in that was the possibility of an Armour Stand Editor being implemented on the Creative Server. I have spoken to the Development Team recently and we're hoping to get this added as soon as possible for you all, however life always comes first and everything must be tested before being added onto the server so we iron out as many bugs as possible for you all. We will always release more information when we get it to keep you all informed. We usually do this through the server or our Discord server. Thank you for your suggestions, we love hearing them and trying to implement as many of them as possible! ItzAMePepiii
  3. THE CREATIVE DEPARTMENT PROUDLY PRESENTS… Our Brand New Creator Project! Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that we are revamping the Creator Project! This has been in the works for a little while now, and we are almost ready to implement it onto the server. As Palace continues to grow and develop, we want to expand our program so that we can accomodate more people with a diverse range of skills that will have the opportunity to work with our Seasonal Team and work on some projects for them. Before we can begin our new phase, there are a few important details that everyone should be aware of: - All current Creator Tags will be reset. - There will be a new setup for achieving the new tag. - Previously the Creative Department was unable to guarantee projects for the Creators to contribute to. The new program ensures there is a continuous flow of Creator-built projects going forward. - There will be a new more efficient feedback system put in place for our Creators so these builders get ongoing help as they work. - All pending applications will be cancelled to account for the new program. If you had a pending application submitted, you will need to reapply when they open again under the new format. For users that currently had the Creator tag, we have set up a way for our past Creators to get the tag again. If you decide to re-apply (and we encourage you to do so!), we will do one of two things: 1. We will review your most recent Creator Plot and make a decision. We may ask you to make improvements to the plot based on our new feedback system. 2. We will give you the option to start a fresh plot, as if it was your first time applying, your building skills may have developed considerably since completing your original plot. We will have more information soon that will better describe the new way you will apply and the enhancements to the program. We understand this is going to be a big change, but hope everyone is just as excited as we are to implement this new Creator Project. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Creative Department on the server or Discord, and we will be able to answer them for you. Kind Regards, The Creative Department
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