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  1. Hey guys! So as I'm starting College next week I'd love to take as much of this week as possible focused to what you guys want and want me to do whilst all you amazing people are on! Reply to this with any suggestions- This could be me helping you build for a little on Creative- Or you want me to run a game for you on a specific day, it's completely up to you as whatever makes you guys happy, makes me happy! I can't wait to see your responses and see you on Palace soon! 
    Happiness can cure anything!

    1. ChickenGirl19


      Hey Pepiii! A suggestion from me is Four Corners or Bruces and Dories, because I know everyone enjoys games! As for a day, I'd say maybe the weekend because more people are on. Thank you for spending time with everyone on Palace! :) 

  2. Hey everyone! How ya'll doing? Recently I've been feeling that I've not been interacting with some of you on our website community enough, so hello! I'd like to wish anyone who applied for Staff recently a huge good luck, and along with this to whoever is applying for Character another good luck! I'm sure you all will do amazing! Well- That concludes my minor speech for this Wednesday evening, see ya'll on the server soon! - Pep; Happiness can cure anything!

    1. cjh66


      yea, good luck anyone who applied :D

    2. POVGamer


      @ItzAMePepiii Great speech! See you on Palace!

  3. ItzAMePepiii

    To all it may concern * staff =) *

    Wowzers there's a pic of my and some of my amazing pals of Palace! Thanks Lauren! <3
  4. Hey everyone! I'm interested to see what you all are thinking currently. What would you like to see more of on Palace, and what are your ideas that you'd like to see us try and do? Do you have a game idea that you'd like to share, or an event idea? Remember if you think of any ideas then make sure to post it on Discord in the community feedback channel, but also feel free to post some attached to this topic if you want! <3

    1. TheMarz


      Just an idea maybe try doing one big meet and greet every first week of each month!

    2. cjh66


      hmmm.... how about a game where you guess the Disney Movie by the quote?

    3. ScanWorks


      Hello @TheMarz!

      There are a lot of character things each month. For example, character dining's and big meet and greets with the characters every month.

  5. ItzAMePepiii

    Character of the Week - 9

  6. Hello everyone! Hope you're all having an amazing week so far! See you on Palace soon.

    1. cjh66


      Hope to see you as well :D


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