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  1. Hey everyone! I'm interested to see what you all are thinking currently. What would you like to see more of on Palace, and what are your ideas that you'd like to see us try and do? Do you have a game idea that you'd like to share, or an event idea? Remember if you think of any ideas then make sure to post it on Discord in the community feedback channel, but also feel free to post some attached to this topic if you want! <3

    1. TheMarz


      Just an idea maybe try doing one big meet and greet every first week of each month!

    2. cjh66


      hmmm.... how about a game where you guess the Disney Movie by the quote?

    3. ScanWorks


      Hello @TheMarz!

      There are a lot of character things each month. For example, character dining's and big meet and greets with the characters every month.

  2. ItzAMePepiii

    Character of the Week - 9

  3. Hello everyone! Hope you're all having an amazing week so far! See you on Palace soon.

    1. cjh66


      Hope to see you as well :D

  4. ItzAMePepiii

    Audio Server Help

    Hello everyone, Pepiii here and I'm here with a quick and easy tutorial about Palace's Audio Server! There are going to be four simple steps for you to follow, and please be aware that this tutorial was used on Google Chrome. Also at the end there will be some simple answers that can answer some of those FAQs! That means Frequently Asked Questions as I only found out what that meant like two weeks ago so good fun! I hope you find this tutorial useful and here we go! Step 1 | So, for this step you're going to need to make sure you're in Minecraft and on the Palace Network for this step to work! In chat you need to type the /audio. Also, typing /AUDIO still does work! Step 2 | Now, as you've done this a line of green, clickable text should appear in your chat bar, saying the following; [Picture Below]. Then click it. Step 3 | After clicking it, your Minecraft screen should turn slightly darker and a whole lot of writing and three boxes should appear in the centre of your screen, this is to ask if you want to open the link, and if Google Chrome is set as your default browser, click "Yes". If not but you have it installed, click "Copy To Clipboard", open Google Chrome and paste it in there manually and then click enter. If you clicked "Yes" your browser should already be directing you there automagically. Step 4 | Now for the final step, well, it's not really a step but it's showing you what should happen if you click yes, and you should see this; Now... It's time... For the FAQs! Aka as the Frequently Asked Questions! (Wooo!) 1. My Audio won't load, what do I do? Try restarting your browser, so fully close the tab and then do /audio in game again and see if that works, also make sure to use either Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. 2. Does Safari work with /audio? Safari is known to be a bit unpredictable, so that is why we suggest using one of the other browsers mentioned, but Safari has been known to work for some people but we do not advise this. 3. I'm using Google Chrome and my audio is still not working, why? Google Chrome has added a FEATURE. Yes, a FEATURE! This means that basically, for audio to work, eg. like YouTube or anything that uses audio, you must interact with the tab. So this means when you do /audio to make sure it fully authenticate, so wait for it to have a little speaker in the tab of the Palace Audio. 4. I'm watching a show and can't hear the audio, what's wrong now? Make sure to have /audio enabled, don't worry, I've made that mistake before, but also make sure to use a [Show] sync sign to get the best audio and make your day the most magical! Well that's it for this tutorial, I hope you all find it useful and have a magical day! ItzAMePepiii
  5. Thanks ItzAMePepiii for the new profile pic for Pride Month! :D 


  6. Have you heard of a Dweller named PepiiI?

  7. Thanks everyone for all your Congratulations! See you around soon!

    1. TheRedCarpet


      Crongrats on Trainee! :D

  8. Hey everyone! So, everyday I'm going to try and give you guys some inspiration, as we all need it, from the Settler's to the Staff! So here we go, my first ever quote;

    "You can do whatever you do if you put your mind to it. If you fail then try again, stand back up, you won't achieve anything whilst lieing down (unless your in bed and dreaming about unicorns) as if you KEEP trying then you are guaranteed success!"


    Happy Sunday everyone!

    1. SurvivalSam


      Great quote!

  9. ItzAMePepiii

    Palace Community Meeting


    It's going to be awesome! See you all there!
  10. ItzAMePepiii

    Story Time...

    Still struggling to realise the truth, the princess did one more "test"...

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