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  1. Woo!!! It's the weekend!!!

    What are you guys going to do this week?

  2. I watched Infinity War at work.

    Not exactly watched it but more of listening to it. My boss timed the Thanos snap perfectly by dropping something loud. 

  3. This is my solution, feel free to comment on this and maybe even add new voice dialogs Scene: 1 The standard speech spiel and maybe a new take on Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow song. Scene: 2 The 1990s The birth of the modern day internet and some kooky dialog about it. Scene: 3 The 2010s The Era of Smart Devices and how we as humans are all connected together. and more kooky dialog Scene: 4 The 2030s Maybe in this scene it will represent a hopeful future with colonization of Mars and maybe even a reference to the former ride Horizons.
  4. Congrats Fae. Im sure your going to be a fantastic cast member. my question is... does it have to be a major college or community college in order to apply?
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