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  1. Joshmc_


    @ItzPolarBear Nice to meet you!
  2. Just realized I won the day on December 12th! Thanks everyone! <3 

    1. Soniccc


      CONGRATS! Yayayaya!

  3. Joshmc_

    ScanWorks Updated Introduction!

    Love the nickname Admin person @ScanWorks
  4. Wishing MCA best of luck in the future <3 

    1. Soniccc


      I wish them lots of luck as well.


  5. Well just got glasses! Still trying to get used to them haha 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PrinceRisk


      It takes time for your eyes to get used to them.

    3. davidzoo


      I use them for seeing only far things but they make things 100% Too Clear

      The First day i thought it was a 3d Mess

    4. PrinceRisk
  6. No worries @Twizzlebot! I love the idea and will definitely notify people if a character is on
  7. Joshmc_

    Name ANYTHING Disney Related!

    R:Rakifi (from the lion king)
  8. Thanks so much BTW on 700 profile views!!! 

    1. CowDestroyer1313


      congrats! :D 

    2. Peanut_TheDog


      Congrats Josh!!!!

  9. Hope everyone had a great Monday! And that Tuesday is just as fantasmic <3 

    1. Peanut_TheDog


      You too Josh <3

    2. Twizzlebot


      You too! Thanks! <3

  10. Joshmc_

    My Thank You

    Indeed, thank you all <3 As the coordinator of Events it is my pleasure to work on events for you all to enjoy! And thank you @ThePilotGamer for all the work you do too!
  11. Hey everyone! Your Chief Events Officer Joshmc_ here! So I decided to take the time to ride each ride, and time them. So these are the clock times of all the rides! (Note:these may be official Pilot just hasn't viewed them yet ) So, we have 4 rides that I timed: Splash, Mako, Manta, and Kraken! Splash-Splash clocked in as our longest ride with 2 minutes 14 seconds and 8 milliseconds Mako-Mako is our shortest ride with 42 seconds and 12 milliseconds Manta-Manta is our second shortest ride with 58 seconds and 89 milliseconds Kraken-Kraken is our second longest ride with 1 minute 22 seconds and 86 milliseconds Hopefully this will help someone if your at SeaWorld and you only have a certain amount of time you know what rides you can fit in! Anyway hope this will help someone <3
  12. Welp, that moment when it’s 10:45 pm and you have school the next day and you’r up that late because of homework :P Being a procrastinator is fun :( Also IDK if 10:45 is late for other people but it is late for me haha 

  13. Joshmc_

    Greetings + Club Idea

    Indeed welcome @Twizzlebot! And I too like the sounds of that club! I’d join it for sure!
  14. Joshmc_

    Creative Server Suggestions

    Those are really cool! I'd love to see them @Sock_Sowachowskiand @limegreenicy

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