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  1. calfslapbree

    Disney Character Name Game!

    Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear!
  2. calfslapbree

    Attraction Game?

    Mickey's Philarmagic!
  3. calfslapbree

    What is everyone's favorite /audio music?

    The music near Big Thunder and Splash Mountain is my favorite, it just transports me to the Wild West and the briar patch.
  4. calfslapbree

    Attraction Game?

    Disney Junior Live on Stage!
  5. calfslapbree

    Attraction Game?

    N’avi River Journey!
  6. calfslapbree

    Disney Character Name Game!

  7. calfslapbree

    Unknown Disney films (thoughts?)

    They’re doing a live action Lion King...my heart just exploded with joy. Also they might be doing another live action of the Haunted Mansion, wicked.

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