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  1. Sock_Sowachowski


    Sksksksk I do not deserve all this love omg
  2. Sock_Sowachowski

    Staff Ranks on The Palace Network

    I love this!
  3. Sock_Sowachowski

    New RP City-Suggestions?

    So I have started construction on a brand new, plot-sized RP city. Now I know I am brilliant but I still need some help to figure out what we want in our city. Any suggestions are a good suggestion! Just imagine a city, and what buildings normally go in it. These are the buildings I currently have: -Court House -Town Hall -Post Office -Firehouse -Police Station -School -Mall -Café -Library -Ice Cream Parlor -Diner -Zoo -Hotel
  4. Sock_Sowachowski

    Thank you to all my staff friends

    Thank you Potato! I try my hardest! It means a lot!!
  5. Sock_Sowachowski

    Thank you to all my staff friends

    Well gee, I see where I stand
  6. Sock_Sowachowski

    Thanks for the staff that have helped me

    Omg you're so welcome Dante!!!
  7. Sock_Sowachowski


  8. General mood today:


  9. Sock_Sowachowski


    That is amazing!Have you thought about maybe applying to be a Creator?
  10. Sock_Sowachowski

    VIP Spectator

    If you hadn't heard already, when coming to Build Offs to watch, if you're a Dweller+, you can now have an eagle eye view of all four plots at once using /warp VIPBO!
  11. Just a reminder, Creator applications are open! If you become a Creator, you get the chance to help us build NewMK!

    1. NitroPenguin_


      I applied so good luck to me!

    2. MinecraftEverett1


      Good luck everybody!

  12. Sock_Sowachowski

    New Hub

    A new warp has appeared on the creative server, for now it is ony open for Dweller+ to preview the construction on our new Creative hub. There is no set date for when it will close, so head over to /warp HubPreview to take a sneak peek!
  13. Feel free to make threads pertaining to this subject, however, what is something you'd like to see come to the Creative server?
  14. I did not know you could click on cover photos to expand them WHOA. Mine is most amusing now lol

    1. Chrisboy04


      You learn something new every day.

  15. Sock_Sowachowski

    NEW Creative Spotlight

    Every week a new Creative Spotlight is chosen! Your plot could be possibly featured on an episode of the Palace Forecast! Along with a week-long warp to your plot to showcase all your hard-work that your spent on building it! Somethings we look at when deciding if it is CSBuild worthy: How complete the plot is. If there is a certain theme throughout the entire plot. If it is unique compared to other things we have seen in the past. How detailed the project is. If we can figure out what you're building. Best of luck when applying for CSBuild! https://goo.gl/forms/zDzjw0LSLu0QusbN2

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