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  1. Broadwayss

    Character of the Week - 1

    Flynn Rider >:))
  2. Broadwayss

    Disney Broadway <.<

    Yes, Yes, Yes!! I love Disney musicals because they are never just half done and always have incredible scores and production value. Some of my favorites are, Newsies, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Lion King & Frozen! <3
  3. I've never been to DLR but, Mike and Sulley to the Rescue would be one of my favorites!
  4. Hi friends! Hope you are all having a great day. I decided to poll you all on your favorite Disney resorts! I would love to hear stories and reasons why you picked that resort or even vice versa, why you did not pick that resort!
  5. Broadwayss

    Weekend at Sea

    No current set date for this, just an idea!
  6. Broadwayss

    Weekend at Sea

    It’s nothing new that the DCL ship has become neglected by guests and some newer guests don’t even realize it exists. I thought to myself for a while how we could fix this moving forward as a server and I think I’ve come up with an idea. Weekend at Sea Yes! Similar to Disney Day, this would take place entirely on the ship throughout the course of a weekend. This would take the same approach as your average Disney Cruise does but this would condense it into a weekend and add some “Palace Magic” as well. Day 1 - Friday Guests would begin the weekend by booking a room on the ship and by taking in everything the cruise had to offer. Pool parties and character appearances would be on the regular as well as games and fun things to do throughout the ship like Scavenger Hunts and Sardines. At night, Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the fab 5 would make an appearance in your setting off to sea party set to fireworks; After this, the cruise would officially be underway. To finish off the night, the first character dining of the weekend would take place in one of the ship’s restaurants. Day 2 - Saturday At the beginning of the day, the ship would make a stop at Castaway Cay, Disney's private island. During this time guests could enjoy all the island has to offer such as private beaches, nature trails, water splash pads, and snorkeling. Guests would all grab a bite together at a quick service on the island before the race would begin. The race would go around the whole island and guests would have the chance to run with characters. After this, a character dining would take place once again and then a musical would show in the ship’s theatre. I suggest, Tangled the Musical or Beauty and the Beast! Day 3 - Sunday Guests would have the morning to finish off their time at Castaway Cay before the ship sails back to shore. Characters would make another appearance midday before guests visit one of the clubs to see a science demonstration. This would be a show of some sorts held by two staff members as they struggle to make a potion, with explosive results! The final character dining of the weekend would take place just before the closing ceremony. A fireworks show would take place and then a party with all of our character friends would take place. This is my idea for a cruise weekend with Palace! These could happen regularly every 2 months or so and could easily be themed to different things as well! - Marvel Weekend at Sea - Marvel Character Dining, Character Experiences and a Marvel Stage Show in the Theatre. - Star Wars Weekend at Sea - Star Wars Character Dining, Star Wars Fireworks and Fun activities throughout the ship. - Princess Weekend at Sea - Princess Banquets, Princess themed musical (Tangled or The Little Mermaid possibly) and Princess Character Experiences. Hope you all enjoyed! I spent some time on this and I would love to hear your thoughts.
  7. Hi all! I’ve heard mixed reviews on the new ride at Universal Orlando, Fast and Furious: Supercharged. I personally think the ride system works better in Kong and I would have liked to have seen more practical effects. What are your thoughts?
  8. "Rita! Can we get a tissue?"

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  9. Broadwayss

    Palace Con

    Okay so I mentioned this idea a while back and some people seemed to love the idea; So I decided to elaborate a little more! What is Palace Con? Palace Con would be an annual or biannual convention held on The Palace Network that would be filled with Guest Appearances, Panels, Keynote speeches and more. Panels could include: - Parks and Resorts; A panel detailing new advancements and features coming to the Parks and Resorts servers - Show Development; An inside look at how shows are made from development to rehearsals and showtime. - History of Palace Network; A look back at how Palace Network came to fruition with guest speakers - The Character Program; A panel that gives us an in-depth look at how the Character Program is run and what part characters play in how Palace Network works as a server. - The Staff of Palace Network; A panel run by the staff including a Q and A session and their stories as staff on Palace Network The convention would have an Opening and Closing ceremony with speeches from staff and performances from our favorite Disney and Universal movies. The event could include an award panel that highlights achievements like: - Best Forecast Segment - Best Creative Theme Park - Best Creative Plot - Best Character The event could also offer players the chance to buy out a booth with In-Game money. This would give players the chance to advertise their Creative Plot or even just to show off their personality and let people know a little more about them! Character and Special Guest meet and greet's would take place throughout the event with Minigames and fun things to explore and do. Overall, I feel this would be a great addition to the Palace Network’s schedule for the years to come!
  10. Broadwayss

    What is your favorite ride?

    Tower of Terror and Flight of Passage are must rides for me. I love the level of theming in both of them!