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    Hey everyone! I don’t really know what to put on here, so some of this stuff might be random. Ok here we go: I play the viola, and played the oboe. My friend showed me my first marvel movie in May, and I have officially watched all of them in less than two months. I love Disney, and have been to both WDW and DLR. I also have been to Universal Studios (both), which I think is just as good as disney. I love to read, so my summer consists of reading, playing Minecraft and going to camp. I love to travel, and have been out of the counrty once, when my family went to Belgium. My dream job is to work at disney as a rollercoaster engineer. I like mythology, hence the name “Artemis”, and my lucky (and favorite) number is 23. I like to write short stories. I do gymnastics. My favorite season is fall, because that’s when my birthday is (October 29). I love math, and my applied physics and engineering (APE) class. I also like archery, and every day of camp in the summer I do it (though I’m not very good ). On Netflix, I watch Stranger Things, The Flash, Arrow, Legends, and The 100. That’s it. (I think....)

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