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  1. gotta love being sick :bp:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cjh66


      How is being sick happy... :|

      Feel better soon e.e


    3. DobbyDaFreeElf__


      I love being sick aswell! Get better soon Erin!

    4. EnzoGoober


      Oof. Feel better soon!

  2. xErinn


    Welcome back to the team! Can’t wait to work with you
  3. i hope everyone had an amazing pal-entines day ;), sending my love :x

  4. i hope everyone's having an amazing day! :x

    1. SmileyGamerGirl
    2. Punkey


      And you!

    3. xFqdedMemory


      You too, Erin! <3

  5. other than that, i hope you’re all having an amazing friday! :x

  6. ariana’s new album is so cute, and if you haven’t already you should totally go listen to it <3


    1. Joshmc_


      I haven't but I definitely will! 

  7. Praying we get a snow day tomorrow, school is so stressful! But I hope you're all having a great day <3

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    2. EnzoGoober


      School is Stressful. I hope for my classes to get cancelled too.

    3. Punkey


      I wish Erin ;-;

    4. Wizardd_


      That is so nice of you Eron! :D

  8. xErinn


    Awww, thank you so much Punkey! That's so sweet <3
  9. xErinn

    Hello! I'm Erin :) {Updated Intro!}

    ugh, love you too sweaty sister
  10. xErinn

    Hello! I'm Erin :) {Updated Intro!}

    Thank you so much!
  11. Hey guys! It's xErinn but you can all call me Erin! <3 I am the newest Trainee on Palace and I can't wait to get to know you all and have fun with you on the server! Here's a little bit about myself! I am currently in my last year of High School, I live in the UK, I love all things Disney related and all things beauty related. In my spare time I like to draw, watch movies, or sing to myself hahah! My ranks have been: Settler, Dweller, and currently I am a Trainee! {13.10.18} I have been to Disney Land Paris once, but hopefully in the future I will be able to travel to Florida and go to Disney World! Some of my favourite Disney movies are: Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Alice In Wonderland, Brother Bear, Aladdin, Finding Nemo {And the list goes on!} My favourite Disney Princess is Ariel, Tiana or Jasmine My favourite show is Wishes and my favourite parade is The Main Street Electrical Parade! My favourite ride is HyperSpace Mountain I cannot wait to meet you all and help you out throughout the parks, make sure to say hi! Have a lovely day

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