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  1. My heart... just shattered... into a million pieces... 😿 Peter Pan is my fave ☹️
  2. you know what, I completely understand that hahah I do nooott like that movie at all! Well actually, it's not that bad it's just the witch i hate her so so much she gives me nightmares, she surely can be snatched out of our lives thank u, next
  3. Let's spill some tea about Disney Movies! What is your least favourite Disney Movie, and why?
  4. i hope everyone's had a good Friday! :x

    the little mermaid fork GIF

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    2. YourSisterDaisy


      Mine has been great! Has your's been good, Queen? mean girls what has everybody been up to GIF

    3. xErinn


      Mine's been good too! <3 p.s I love mean girls 

    4. brendem7


      Hope you have a good weekend! :D

  5. i'm glad you had a good time! thank you for coming!
  6. See I'd probably just spend the day sleeping and procrastinating (: hahah
  7. I've always wanted to do virtual school! Is it easier?
  8. hehe, I love when teachers tell stories instead of actually teaching sksk. but seriously, school is very stressful and I think students have so much pressure put on them nowadays, just try to focus on your mental health and not let everything overflow
  9. It's great that you were able to provide for yourself and your wife! And honestly I think it's so sweet that you guys were able to move out with each other at such a young age! It's lovely to hear your point of view on school, and it just shows that in the end if you work hard and are determined then you can achieve great things Thanks for spilling your tea on school!
  10. Pffft, I think school is more enjoyable when you have good teachers/teachers that enjoy what they do and are able to radiate their passion to their students! My three favourite subjects are Math, History and R.E - not because I'm good at them because I'm surely not however the teachers are passionate about what they do and always make the lessons fun to learn in and really interact with people! Thank you for spilling your tea king
  11. GCSE's are extremely stressful, I can't imagine how you handled them without being in school! I'm actually about to do mine next month {help} and I completely understand where you're coming from, I use Seneca too and it's really helpful! However I think whether you're in school or you're home schooled, it's still full of stress - no matter how good websites for revision are hahah. But thank you for spilling that tea!
  12. It's so cool hearing about all of your opinions! For those who quit school/self-educated themselves what's that like? Is it much better than School?
  13. Let’s spill some tea... about school! What’s everyone’s opinions on school?
  14. exams all week... wish me luck - i’m seriously gonna need it sksks :S

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    2. ScanWorks



      Good luck!

    3. Mavly


      Good luck!

    4. xErinn


      exams sure do suck hahah, and thank you all! :ba:

  15. i hope everyone’s had a nice day! :x p.s. i need some good movies/shows to watch so recommendations would be appreciated :ba:

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    2. cjh66


      Watch. Star Wars.

      Any one of them will do...


    3. xErinn


      hmm, i’ve never really been much of a fan of star wars... 

    4. cjh66
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