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  1. I’ve been a Trainee for a month. It doesn’t seem possible!

  2. Congrats to My Team the purples on the build battle! Also a well done to yellow team! It was a really tough build battle and you did amazing:D

    1. WilliamVsGaming


      Congrats on winning the Build Battle! :D 

  3. Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. Thankyou for all the kind messages since I’ve got trainee it really means a lot :D

  4. When you’re the only one in you family who loves Cadbury’s Bournville:D


    1. partygeezer


      Living the life

    2. WilliamVsGaming


      Nice I like to chill as well. And my life in a nutshell lol xD 

  5. Happy May the Fourth!:D


  6. Thankyou to everyone for the Birthday Messages! 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Shapliersole78


      THanks guys sorry I couldn’t play xx

    3. WilliamVsGaming


      Happy Bday! :D 

    4. DisneyFreak2005


      happy birthday!

  7. Hey how is everyone?

    1. PrinceRisk


      Im doing great, what about you?


    2. Shapliersole78


      I’m great thanks 

  8. Been feeling ill all day but had a fun time with @Regentcy building a theatre!



    1. Regentcy


      Aww Thank You, Love! :D


  9. Keep Smiling!:D


  10. Shapliersole78

    World time table

    This would be a great idea as I have to look up times for rides too!
  11. Shapliersole78

    Story Time...

    Only time would tell what would happen, but the princess had a bad feeling that something awful was going to happen....
  12. I have a cold in summer! That's odd. Oh Well at least Disney keeps me alive!

  13. Happy Friday Everyone!

  14. Hope everyone is smiling!


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