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  1. SuperPotato711


    So, I will be building a DreamWorks themepark called Dream World. It will feature many lands such as: Shrek Trolls How to Train your Dragon Madagasscar If you would like to be in charge of one of the lands, please message me on the server or ask me in the replies section of this post. Thank you.
  2. SuperPotato711

    Word association

  3. SuperPotato711

    Attraction Game?

  4. SuperPotato711

    Favorite Minnie Ears

    So, I have a question for everyone. If you had to choose a pair of minnie/mickey mouse ears, which one would you choose? I would choose this one:
  5. SuperPotato711

    Story Time...

    @skrhak4 and @cjh66 cried and said, "STRANGER DANGER!"
  6. SuperPotato711

    Club Disney Party

    I had a lot of fun at the Club Disney party today!
  7. SuperPotato711

    Disney Character Name Game!

  8. SuperPotato711

    More realistic Disney

    Ok, so I know that some people won't like these ideas, but I'd like to make all the parks as realistic as possible. 1. As you enter the park, I wish that there would be a system where the people check your bags, and also you can use your MagicBand, but use it in a fun way like where you have to do a fun minigame. 2. I wish you could book fastpasses, like you can book them in your MagicBand or at kiosks. Then you wouldn't have to go all the way to TTC for booking. 3. I know no one will like this idea, but I feel like you should add npcs waiting in line, but make it less than 10 minutes. 4. Make the actual ride vehicles with 3D models. Also, I wish you could control how fast your teacup can go, go as high or as low as you want on dumbo, and be able to control your vehicle on Tomorrowland Speedway. 5. Add buses to the parks. I wish you could add buses straight to the parks instead of to the TTC. Also, I wish you could add monorail scenery, because it's a little boring riding on the monorail. 6. I wish that you could book rooms on the server. You would choose your hotel, choose how long you stay, and then you can pay for your hotel. 7. I wish you would have merchandise besides plushies and costumes. Maybe you could have downloadable skins that you can get for fun shirts and stuff. Also, have mickey and minnie ears like when you had those Mickey ears when the first Frozen show played in DLR, and also when you had the Pride ears. 8. Buy food at the parks and book dining. You could have npcs take your order at the restaurants, and you pay. Also, you can book dining. Also, I wish your hunger would go down when you get your food, and do mobile ordering in your MagicBand. 9. Instead of fireworks everytime everyday, do the fireworks at the exact time, and do tastes of BATB, FNTM, and Fantasmic, and work on new shows. Then Saturdays can be a treat with the full shows. 10. I wish they would have fun activities but not in the parks, in the hotels. They could have tiedye times where they have fun poolside games, and free colored leather armour shirts. So, that was basically it. I know that the staff can't do all of these, I just wanted to mention how I would love for the parks to be more realistic.
  9. SuperPotato711

    One Little Spark

    Best artwork I've seen on forums so far! Good job!
  10. SuperPotato711

    Your favorite Characters at the Disney Parks

    Launchpad McQuack is pretty cool! I also like Anna and Elsa.
  11. SuperPotato711

    Wood Chuck [Not really a Disney question]

    It would chuck all of Disney World's trees! (I put Disney into the question!) YAY!!!!
  12. SuperPotato711

    WDW Is Cool!

    Walt Disney World is the best Disney park in the world, and it is my home park.
  13. SuperPotato711

    This Way or That Way?

    I go Mexico and Norway first. They have rides that you can hop right on, and also that's just the way I usually go. :>

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