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  1. I had a lot of fun today! I will be on Roblox if anyone wants to join me :) 

    roblox GIF

  2. I'm getting on right now! <3 

    chris pratt dinosaurs GIF by Omaze

  3. Tomorrow I will be back on to make memories with everyone! ;) 

  4. Hello! As you may know, I'm SuperPotatqx! I've done many different intros before, but today I would like to add onto it, because I have changed a lot since then. Today I will tell you some interesting facts about me. First of all, I love playing videogames. My favorites are Minecraft and Roblox. If you wanna go deeper, my favorite Minecraft servers are of course, this one, and Hypixel. My favorite Roblox games are roleplay games, as I really like to roleplay with friends. If you want to friend me on Roblox, my username is egtvfan8711. I also really like to draw. I've been doing a lot of drawing on my IPad recently, and I plan to do some Palace Related art too. I also love to edit photos and videos. I use Pixlr and I haven't found a good editor for my laptop, but for my IPad I use IMovie. Also, I really like to listen to music. My favorite styles are pop, (Ariana Grande) and Classic Rock (Queen, Aerosmith.) I really love to listen to music in my freetime. In fact, going back to Roblox, some of my favorite games on there are music related. I also play piano. I just bought a new piano which is a lot better than the keyboard I own now. I play mainly classical right now, but plan to move on to other styles as well. Also, I'm a Disney Park nerd. I love a lot of different rides there. My favorites are Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Flight of Passage. I also love to watch Disney theme park Youtubers. My favorites are TheTimTracker, Michael Kay, Fastpass Facts, Rob Plays, TPM Vids, and Brian Hull. Lastly, I love the internet. My favorite thing is YouTube. My favorite YouTubers are Flamingo, ItsFunneh, DanTDM, Gamer Chad, and a lot more. I also really love to type things like this. I think it's really fun to type blogs, so I'm very excited they added them to the forums. I also am on a lot on the forums. My favorite things to do are host events through clubs, interact with people, and learn more about people and our interests through clubs. Thank you for reading my brand new intro. Sorry it's long, I really love to type and use grammar. -SuperPotatqx
  5. This event happens from 3/19/19 till 4/2/19. You can go to many different games to earn prizes. Here is the link to the events page: https://web.roblox.com/sponsored/PizzaParty
  6. Sorry I haven't been on much. Been into Roblox recently. :) 

  7. Well guys, I got 300 rep. Now I only need 34 more to be in top 5 highest. :D

  8. Well everyone, I did yardwork.. 

    And I feel terrible 

    joe jonas relief GIF

    1. Mavly


      At least it's done!

  9. su tart everyone 

    1. Mavly



  10. Happy birthday! :D 

    1. Joshmc_


      Thank you :heart:

    2. Peanut_TheDog


      Happy Birthday!!! 

  11. #PalacePix!!


    1. Brant


      Nice pictures!

    2. Mavly



  12. 2019-03-09_12_01_31.thumb.png.4df3d2a4bc6fedd1a63c4279bb064c1f.pngSuperPotatqx 

    1. SuperPotatqx



    2. Brant


      Looking good!

    3. Mavly



  13. until

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