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  1. I can't get my Discord to open up :(. Is there any way someone could help me? Thanks! :D

    1. statawesomeguy


      If you tried to open it up at School, they may have blocked it. If not, then maybe your Wifi Could be the problem, or discord may be having a technical difficulty. This is all the possibilities I can think of.  Try restarting your computer or reconnecting to a different wifi. Hope this helped!

  2. SuperPotatqx

    Disney College Program Questions

    NVM realized you won't be there when I am
  3. SuperPotatqx

    Disney College Program Questions

    How long will you be there, which restaurant do you work at? I'll try and dm you some more questions that are more personal information related. Not trying to get ya. I would just love to meet you irl.
  4. SuperPotatqx

    Favorite Disney Roller Coaster?

    Definetely Space Mountain. I love the roughness of the ride, the sudden drops, and of course, the darkness
  5. SuperPotatqx

    Musical Memes Night!

    what's option 3? i put nah cause i can't do that on discord. i'm not allowed
  6. Broadway: Wicked, Movie: The Greatest Showman
  7. SuperPotatqx

    New Fourm Idea: Drafts

    Good idea!
  8. Who’s going to H20 glow tonight?? :D 

  9. SuperPotatqx

    Another..Counting game o-o

    So where’s our 2019 surprise?? 1239
  10. TY guys for 1000 profile views!! Now you have to stare at Dan's face multiple times. :P

  11. SuperPotatqx

    Finish the Lyric!

    can you paint with all the colors of the wind... finish: a cover is not the book so open it up and take a look
  12. SuperPotatqx

    One Word Story

  13. SuperPotatqx

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban skrhak4 she still is get your facts right
  14. SuperPotatqx

    Name ANYTHING Disney Related!

    m: magic kingdom

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