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  1. Welcome to the server! I hope to see you around the parks!
  2. /ban McMnMsGaming for having MnMs in their name. We all know skittles are better (writes this while eating MnMs XD)
  3. Welcome to the server! I hope you enjoy what it has to offer! See ya around the parks
  4. The tea for my professors is... 1) My English professor gave us a research paper to do and the rough draft was due two weeks ago. The final draft was due this past Sunday and he never reviewed our rough drafts to tell us what we did wrong. 2) My Music Appreciation professor doesn't email me back about the questions I have so I have to submit what I think is right and hope he doesn't give me a bad grade. Especially because these assignments are worth 1/3 of my grade together. Okay, enough tea for today.
  5. I never liked Dumbo (the original). It was just boring. Also, Disney ruined the Beauty and the Beast live-action for me by using too much auto-tune on Emma Watson's voice
  6. I don't like Magic Kingdom only because of the crowds. If there were fewer crowds, I'd be fine
  7. "You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you need to just breathe, trust, let go and see what happens." - Mandy Hale

  8. /ban Ghoste for not making more Palace Word Searches. I love those things
  9. I love Meet the Robinsons. It's an amazing movie!
  10. Leaving for Krakow tonight. I won't be on Palace that much but I'll be on discord. :D

    1. Mavly


      Have fun!

  11. Everyone should go see Shazam when they can. It's a good movie Cheesy, but good.shazam GIF

    1. FutureBloopers


      I want to see it sounds like you had fun when you went to see it I am definitely checking it out!

    2. LuckySalad27


      I just saw it today and it was really enjoyable!

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