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    Hello, I'm whitbit0219!

    Hello all! As you can probably tell my name is whitbit0219 or you can just call me Whit. Back in 2015, I joined MCFantasy because I love anything to do with USO. I was a guest there for maybe two weeks and applied for staff. I, surprisingly, got accepted and became a tour guide (trainee equivalent). I worked there for maybe four months and was actually working with certain Palace staff members while I was there. I suddenly stopped playing Minecraft altogether after that and went on with my life. Four years later, I got another Minecraft account, having forgotten my information for the last, and tried finding MCFantasy. I was not aware that MCFantasy had merged with MCMagic to become Palace. Anyway, I joined and four months later, here I am. I got Noble about a week or two ago because I wanted to see the sneak peek of NewMK and see what the donator ranks had to offer. Then this past weekend I got honorable because I couldn't miss out on the Black Friday deal XD. Overall, my favorite thing about Palace is the community because everyone is nice and is always there if you need anything. Also, the creative server is amazing because you get to showcase your builds and get feedback in order to help you get better. A few things that I could talk for ages about is softball, USO, Disney, musicals, and traveling. If you see me around Palace, don't be afraid to say hi or whatever! P.S. I host Potato Jeopardy about once or twice a week with ItzPolarBear. If you're around on the creative server, you should join. It's really fun. Just do /plotwarp pjeopardy. Hope to see you there next time!
  2. Hello. Um...I don't know what to do because I'm new at this but oh well XD

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      Welcome to the forums! Here you can pass on suggestions you may have for the server, play games, and much more!

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      Welcome to the Forums! We don't bite here! Feel free to browse the topics, or join a club! 



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