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  1. /ban Peanut_TheDog for referencing Ariana
  2. /ban Mavly for wanting to be a french fry instead of a waffle fry
  3. Hi everyone! The title is pretty self-explanatory but I'm going to further explain it. If you could add anything to the Universal Parks, whether it's an event, ride, section, restaurant, or what have you, what would you add to it and why? I, personally, would add a permanent classic horror movie section. It'd be themed to The Creature of the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, Invisible Man, etc. I think those movies are highly underrated and deserve more than a makeup show and a cafe.
  4. /ban Mavly for thinking Voldemort is scary
  5. /ban PorkyPenguin for having an unreasonable reason for banning Mavly
  6. /ban skrhak4 for not knowing a reason for banning
  7. /ban cjh66 for upgrading to majestic when you said you'd be dweller forever (congrats though!!! <3)
  8. Anyone know how to fall asleep at a decent time? I’m open to suggestions 

    1. SuperPotatqx


      Take medicine that makes you fall asleep. XD


    2. Aqua_Tem


      Mood, me too

      But honestly, try just putting your electronics down at a reasonable time, read a book, just lay down

      If that doesn’t work, you may need to consider taking melatonin supplements as your body might not be producing enough (it makes you sleepy lol)

    3. Soniccc


      Hey whitbit. I suggest also giving yourself a specific bedtime . For example , on weekends I stay up later than weekdays  because I have a much , much busier day than the weekends. I’ve been doing this now for a few months and have been going to bed much earlier. Your body will adjust to the time when you relax, if you keep doing so at that time. Also, foods that contain much sugar are foods that you would want to stay away from before heading to bed. Sugar makes the body very hyper and we are not looking for that now. Try to also think about something calm like the beach. You want to go to bed relaxed, not nervous. The previous suggestions  that  other guests said are great and those will help a lot! Hope this helps! Have a fabulous week.

  9. /ban skrhak4 for a having a username that is difficult to pronounce
  10. /ban Jaybay1313 for making you reason for banning confusing
  11. /ban DanteThePhantom for banning the same person as Salad XD
  12. /ban Mavly for liking goats. What about giraffes?
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