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  1. Defualt Minecraft Pack Required for the Halloween Season until Further Notice! Due to my PacK Problems! Nights -OF- Fright! 2019 Is Starting Friday 25th! Until November 3rd!
  2. As I Said I Will be back soon! I Have been having Multiple tourbles with resource packs! I Download them from Discord! Enabled, Disabled , Promt. All of them saying Resource Pack Loaded and Nothing Happens! Check out my support forum! 😓

  3. I Am So Sorry for being absent much from Palace Lately. I Have alot of things to do irl, and resource packs and server is not working. I Promise i will be back soon! hank green raccoon GIF

  4. We are deeply sorry for Delayed closures on our Palace Division. I Am working pretty hard irl, and the resource pack does not work and im giving break to my eployees. We will come back with further Notice! We are trying our best! We are still open at /plotwarp adventureland!
  5. davidzoo


    Exact thing happening today, I Do everything they tell me to do, I Tell all the staff and they tell me to do it the way that does not work
  6. Get Ready to Experience More, There is Now more than Ever!
  7. Survived First Week! of School! finding nemo school GIF

    Also, I Will be More active on the forums. I Am very sorry for seeming so quiet but extremely active on the server 

  8. Looks Nice! , And isn't This the restaurant with the New Lion King Menu & Character dining?
  9. Well, confused jennifer robertson GIF by CBCMiddle of the Night

  10. Also It surprised a Few that StorybookLand is Perm, CLosing
  11. Thank you To everyone Who attended the Opening of SeaLand
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