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  1. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    [ADL] LATE!! Trivia Tuesday/Wednesday Where is this Located at in ADventureland, You got some clues but I need you to be More specific
  2. davidzoo


    Wow Buying someone a rank. Sounds Nice Very Nice, Just like how my family Pays for Peoples Food in drvie throughs
  3. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    [ADL] Does it even hurt to Add Christmas to an Unfinished Land? #FutureLand #BetetrADL
  4. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    Trivia Tuesday!: What was the Most Recent Attraction Opened at ADventureLand?
  5. Trivia Tuesday: What was the Most Recent Attraction that Opened at ADL?

    1. PrinceRisk


      um Golden Rusher


    2. davidzoo
    3. davidzoo


      aND ITS gOLD rUSHER Xd


  6. davidzoo

    Glitches and Bunches Of Lag!

    But others were Experienceing it
  7. davidzoo

    Glitches and Bunches Of Lag!

    But the Evening of 11/03/18 is when all this is occuring
  8. davidzoo

    Glitches and Bunches Of Lag!

    I Go on Palace, The Pack takes forever to load - Then when it does load you type in chat it doesn't appear until 10 minutes Later along with that Audio Is glitching too and in creative I place a Block it goes ago
  9. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    [ADL] Nights -OF- Fright Has Now Ended! Thank You and hope you had a Great Halloween!
  10. davidzoo

    Halloween Party!

    happy hALLOWEEN
  11. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    Happy Halloween! 2018 Everyone ADventureLand is Celebrating it with Nights Of Fright!
  12. Happy Halloween!  2018


    I Gave out Candy this Year!


  13. Happy Halloween Everyone, Also means Cosmo's Land at My Park ADventureLand will Be Closing! To Build FutureLand!

    1. PrinceRisk


      Happy Halloween David, i will be giving candy to the kids this year (3rd year).

    2. davidzoo




  14. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    [ADL] Today we are Waving our final goodbyes to Cosmo's Land , , , And We say Heloo to FutureLand! Coming Soon to ADventureLand1
  15. davidzoo

    Seat Glitch/Bug

    The Cool things about Glitches is that you discover new Hidden things

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