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  1. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    ComIng Soon: Gold Rusher! #Better ADL
  2. davidzoo

    Creative Server Pack Bug

    I Don't see a Problem with this because its Just One Click on whatever pack you want for the day
  3. Hmm I Already Started my Park 2 Years ago but RN Its in a #BetterADL Detail & Improvement Rennovation but My Park is Looking Better Im Already through the Basics
  4. davidzoo

    Universal Resort Hotels

    Ive Only Been to CityWalk But Myb Family stayed at Portofino
  5. davidzoo

    Flying Feature On Creative

  6. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    The Final Glimpse of the ADL Circus Is Here! as an Agreement Months ago to Close ADL Circus and Immediately Demolish it but That Was cancelled until the agreement to demolish it as of 9/09/18 And here we Go we got the Equipment Ready to Demolish this Old Attraction, This Got Closed 3 Months ago and ever scince been abandoned. It Opened Scicne when we Opened Carnival land But due to low Attendance this had to be Shut Down. So Heres the Last you will ever see Of it, R.I.P
  7. davidzoo

    One Little Spark

    WOW I Could Draw Like that But What do you Use on it?
  8. davidzoo

    Flying Feature On Creative

    1. I Go to a Plot that enables Flying and then when I come back to My Plot I cannot Fly without Rejoining and theres No Fix. 2. With the Flying Feature Turned Off and your Added to that Plot you STILL Cannot Fly I find this Not Convienient 3. When you are flying on a Plot but when they turn it off You lag then Glitch and then youre like jumping I none location until you can respawn or be kicked
  9. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    [ADL] The ADL Tower Observatory is Now Complete and Serving Views! #BetterADL
  10. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    Hmm Lets See Here, Wait Whats This? We weren't Even Prepared! The Excitement Is Building, Um Maybe? Well I Know for sure, ADL Observatory will Open Soon! #BetterADL! #Soon! Well How soon Though? As soon to be Tuned!
  11. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    Noice! Pictures of My Park is Posted on Goolgle on a tag of The Palace Adventureland by I don't Know But Thanks
  12. I Cant send Status Updates on my Profile

    1. davidzoo


      How can I delete this Piece? Sorry I did the same thing twice

    2. ScanWorks
    3. davidzoo


      My problem is still going on I Have reported this status updates issue but got No reponse

  13. I Cannot Type a Status Update on my Profile! I Have reported But No reponse

  14. davidzoo


    I Was on My Phone Recently Yes, IPhone 5 Very small screen Went onto The Palace Network Forums HERE! And it was hard to get around I Kept on pressing buttons
  15. davidzoo


    That Looks Funny I don't Know how it Looks xDD

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