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  1. Well I don't really have anything else to say, Good Night! ūüĆĎ

  2. Today is the day to recognize how we celebrate the earth! (Well its  tonight (so late)happy earth day GIF by Doctor Popular

  3. Tonight and This Week Only, You can try our Easter at ADL egg hunt, or maybe get stuck in the maze! For a Limited time Only! at /plotwarp adventureland
  4. Hands Down, The New Best Ride of Palace is, , Slinky Dog Dash! toy story disney GIF by visitorlando

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    2. YourSisterDaisy


      100% agreed with it being the best ride.

    3. Aquaticalo


      How about some much needed love for the aliens? lol

    4. Mavly


      I can 100% agree.

  5. Happy Easter everybody (to those who celebrate it)spring easter GIF

  6. Enjoying the Toy Story Land Dance Party! #PalacePix


  7. 04/20/19 4:38 PM EST Was when the palace opened, Toy Story Land , With Many amazing rides such as , Slinky Dog Dash & Ailien Swirling Saucers. And the Retheme of Toy Story Mania! You can post your pictures of your experience here too! I Enjoyed the new 3d Models!
  8. Thanks to all who made Toy Story Land Possible!

  9. Waiting for TSL To Open , , , 


    1. davidzoo


      now its rnak by rank to make it run smoothly 

  10. I Love Walt Disney World, besides from there great rides and shows, The atmosphere of disney just feels like a place like no other. "Smelitizers" (creates the smells of disney) Even makes the experience better, always If its a Park, resort, disney springs, there is always a magical and atmosphere of freedom. Its such a great feeling with yummy looking food and detailed shops, Walt disney world is magical on its own. How does disney feel magical to you?
  11. He was not there irl when i went there back in december There was this very tiny construction wall
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