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  1. -=AW=- Jurassic Land Is Closing Its Gates Forever Today at 4:30 PM Make sure to visit /plotwarp adventureland
  2. -=ADL=- /-=AW=-*Effective January 1ST, 2020 AT 12:00AM* **Please Read this Completely to Understand! The ADL Company is Now Changing Its Name!! The New Name will be AdventureWorld Parks & Entertainment Co. Or Can Shortly be Named AW Co. -=AW=- . This will Completely Change the ADL Name as I Said Before! Please Understand that all Branding of AW Will be Changed and Configured IMMEDIATELY! And our Park will Receive a New Name called AdventureWorld!** Thank you for Understanding and See you in AW!
  3. Phase 2 of FutureLand is Now Open! Featuring New Bathrooms and a Scenic, Peaceful Sightline
  4. We will Soon open up the New Phase || Of FutureLańd
  5. Entrance Enhancements are Now Underway! There will be ticket booths and New Entry area!
  6. ADL IS Still Open, And will have a Holiday Events soon
  7. This Page is for All recommendations & News of ADventureLand Park in Creative! Feel free to Ask questions & Recommend stuff in our Parks! We Love Feedback! Because we want you all to have the ADL Experience
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