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  1. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    +Opening Revealed +Previews are OPEN!
  2. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    [ADL] A Surprise Is Coming! FutureLand's Brand New Teaser Explains
  3. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    The Read Corp Store will Be Getting a MAKEOVER Over at StorybookLand in ADventureLand For A Short Period Of Time The Store Will Be Partially Closed
  4. Yay Friday! See you later on the server! 

  5. davidzoo

    ADL Trivia Tuesday!

    This Will Be Trivia On ADventureLand!
  6. We will Add Important News And Events in Our Parks! Most News will be Posted On Discord and Here on The Forums! Thank You
  7. until
    These Two Days in ADventureLand (ADL) IS when You may get previews of FutureLand And See Very Special Work Going on in the Park and a Very Special Fun Event!
  8. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    ATTENTION!: Major Work On FutureLand This Weekend! Land Filling New Structures More Décor & Scupltures Such as The Futureistic Trees Or Fountains & Mini Tech Exhibit's And A Potential Vote on 1Future Themed Shop Remember! FutureLand Will be Opening Early - Mid January!
  9. Its Not like I wont like it but, I Could!
  10. I Like The Monorails , But I can easily Take a Car there too, soo And im not that Hyped for the Gondolas Skyliners because Disney should really expand there monorail lines, Its pricey but I knew they can do it and be optional
  11. davidzoo

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban @techwolves Your not a secret admin, Im Not, So Please do not discuss bans
  12. davidzoo


    Very Nice! Im Very Excited about More to come on Seasonal, The Only Downside to ALL Seasonals is Getting Lost Its Fine its an Adventure
  13. davidzoo

    Plots are getting erased

    Oh Maybe I was Heard Wrong, Different People have other sides of the story
  14. Happy Birthday! Walt Disney! :)

    1. cjh66


      I hope we never lose sight of one thing: it was all started by mouse rabbit.

      ofc Universal owned Oswald at the time so he couldn't say it was started by a rabbit...


      HAPPY BDAY WALT!!!11!

  15. Doing Homework. . . Chewing Ice Very-Slowly,


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