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  1. Hope everyone who celebreated Hanukka had a wonderful holiday. Christmas is in 15 DAYS! Woooooo!

    1. PrinceRisk


      I do the same countdown system too. I don't include today.

  2. Thank you for 800 views!

  3. Congratulations on Moderator!

  4. Congratulations on all the trainees getting Moderator.

  5. Happy Halloween!

    1. PrinceRisk


      Happy Halloween i'm giving out candy this year (my 3rd year).

  6. Soniccc

    Halloween Party!

    Wonderful pictures!
  7. Soniccc

    hello there!

    Very cool introduction. Hope to see you around the server.
  8. Sadly, the weekend is over. I had a great weekend on the Palace Network with all of the events going on. I'd like to thank all of the staff members for making it happen. Thanks for making a wonderful experience for us guests. I can't wait to start the week with a good attitude knowing that even next weekend will be amazing on the Palace Network. Have a nice week everyone.

    1. ScanWorks



      Glad you had fun at the events we had this weekend. They were a blast!

  9. Soniccc

    Disney Character Name Game!

    Donald Duck!
  10. Soniccc

    Thoughts On The Despicable Me Movies?

    Hi @Cassiopeiya! I like Despicable Me 2 a lot also. The crazy things the minions do make me want to laugh! I do enjoy watching it over and over always. I think Bob is my favorite minion also.
  11. Congrats on trainee!


    1. Ghoste


      Thank you <3

  12. Congrats to all new trainees.:D Can't wait to se you guys around the server.

    1. faeriesss


      Thank you! Can't wait to see ya around!

    2. POVGamer
  13. Congrats @Ulyk on trainee! I'm so proud of you!:D

  14. Good luck to all who are applying for the staff position!

  15. Soniccc

    xErinn's Introduction! x

    Welcome to the forums! One day I hope to become a Castmember at Walt Disney World to!

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