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  1. @Chicken, We're still reviewing the old ones and doing interviews at the moment.
  2. Can't wait for the cosmetics and the events! If you guys need anyone to talk to as well, all of the staff are here for you guys.
  3. Good luck to everyone applying for a character position!

  4. @Chicken, Love the pictures!
  5. Have fun today everyone! Enjoy the day with family and friends and enjoy the food! 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JordynDaSpahget


      Thank you. Make sure to enjoy yourself!

    3. Disneyfan


      Thank you, @ScanWorks! As for you!

    4. ScanWorks


      Thank you everyone!

  6. Happy Easter everyone!

    1. JordynDaSpahget
    2. brendem7


      Have a good Easter! 🐰 

    3. Disneyfan


      Thank you! Same for you! 

  7. @davidzoo, Love the pictures! Hope you are enjoying the land!
  8. Hope everyone is enjoying Toy Story Land and enjoyed the opening!

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    2. brendem7


      It was so much fun, good job on handling the crowds today haha :)

    3. JordynDaSpahget


      It was soo much fun!

    4. ScanWorks
  9. Hello everyone! I just want to ask who are your favorite Disney YouTubers? It can be any Disney YouTuber, no matter what Disney park they do. I would love to know! For me, I would either have TheTimTracker, Michael Kay, or SeeYaReelSoon. All of them are amazing in their own way and I really enjoy the content they have in store and how they want to bring that magic to the viewers. Every time you see one of their videos, you get hooked on it and want to view more.
  10. Hello @davidzoo! I just love the atmosphere the parks give off and the music. You get so happy hearing that music again and seeing what you've seen in images and videos. It's just always a magical time and very fun vacation!
  11. Hello @Hazard! Love this idea! We do need a few more achievements for sure!
  12. So hyped for Toy Story Landing opening today at 4PM EST! Hope to see everyone there!

  13. @brendem7, Haha, true! He was an amazing trashcan in real life.
  14. @FutureBloopers, Glad you enjoyed it!
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