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  1. Hello @LouisGamerYT! It's a good idea, but there isn't a plan to have old attractions from the parks come to the server. NewMK is just to update the current one we have now as the one on the server has been here for years and years, with some refurbishment here and there. There is new technology that was discovered like making more 3D models for the rides, and much more!
  2. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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    2. Punkey


      And youu

    3. DaddyGeesh


      yes to you too. (sorry I'm late on this)

      Pick up litter, save a life


    4. ScanWorks
  3. ScanWorks

    Disney Crew Member

    Hello @Mavly! I would love to work for attractions, Guest Relations, Character Attendant, or a monorail pilot. All of those jobs seem really fun!
  4. ScanWorks

    Hey Hey ;))

    Hello @Avlyy! Amazing introduction! Pirates of the Caribbean is a very good ride to ride. See you in the parks!
  5. Thanks again for helping me today when I stepped on the wrong button at the character meet and greet. :)

    1. Mavly


      How nice of you, @ScanWorks !

    2. ScanWorks



      You're welcome! Hope you enjoyed meeting the characters!

  6. Hello @Galaxyy! Love the introduction! Creative is a very fun place to build and let your imagination run wild! See you in the parks!
  7. ScanWorks

    Staff Ranks on The Palace Network

    Hello @Mavly! Love the guide!
  8. Hello @batman4life33! Have fun! I've seen it in videos, but never did it before. It looks a lot of fun though!
  9. ScanWorks

    A Message for Everyone ❤️

    Hello @xFqdedMemory! Aww! This message makes my day! We are glad you enjoy the server!
  10. ScanWorks

    Police Box

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. ScanWorks

    Police Box

    Hello @cjh66! That was removed a while ago. Thank you for the report though!
  12. Thank you for 8,000 profile views everyone! I really do appreciate it!

  13. ScanWorks

    Palace Pals Concert

    Hello @davidzoo! Love the pictures! The concert is always fun to take part in and see!
  14. ScanWorks

    About Me!

    Hello @DanteTheGucci! Amazing introduction! Five years is a lot! Welcome to the forums, and see you in the parks!
  15. ScanWorks


    @cjh66, Aww! Thank you!

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