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  1. Counting

    @skrhak4, Sorry! Castle!
  2. Hey Scan! I can't message staff or other players VIA their profile I get this message " You are only allowed to send 0 messages a day. Please try again later. Any tips?


    1. SurvivalSam


      @RossThat's not active right now due to it not being able to be moderated.

  3. You're gonna beat me as top member...

    1. SurvivalSam
    2. ScanWorks



      Thank you! Same to you!

  4. Area Music/ Ride Music in Creative?

    Hello @BrerCountry! There is Show Creator on creative for music. I do like the idea of ride audio also!
  5. Counting

    @OhMolley Sorry! Castle!
  6. Looking forward to the Marvel Takeover tomorrow with my buddy ScanWorks!



    1. ScanWorks


      Hello @Supermask!

      It is going to be very fun, enjoy!

  7. Applications

    Hello @Chrisboy04! It is different for characters and staff. A lot of Guests applied and for staff you need to take time and for characters also.
  8. Suggestion - Off-Topic forum

    Hello @CreeperKG! I love this idea! @Canis18 is the best staff member to go to for this! Thank you for sharing!
  9. Counting

    @Bsd24038, There are rules for this game. You can only do one number at a time and then you must wait for 24 hours to do the next. The rules are on the first page on the forums for the game.
  10. Best Disney Meme?

    I love all of these memes! You guys are doing a very nice job on them!
  11. Story time?

    Hello @Basicrealms! I love that idea! @Canis18 would be the best staff member to go for that since he is the Sr. Mod of the Forums. Thank you for sharing the idea!
  12. @HakunaMaKatie, Yep! When you got to sit up in the front before, they would honk the horns when going by. It was a very cool experience.
  13. @HakunaMaKatie, It really is when it's a hot day. I still love how the monorails sometimes honk their horns to the Guests on the ground.
  14. Thoughts on Finding Dory?

    @HakunaMaKatie, Yes! You can't forget about the seals, haha.
  15. Thoughts on Finding Dory?

    @PrinceRisk, Yep, it does. It's a very good movie.