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  1. Hello @Globby! Amazing introduction! Glad you enjoy the server so far! Welcome to the forums, and see you in the parks!
  2. Hello @Roxasdoesmc! Amazing pictures! Glad you're enjoying the server!
  3. Officially on Spring Break! 

    1. PrinceRisk
    2. JustPlatinum


      Needing to wait one more month!

    3. Mavly
  4. Hello @Hazard! All of these ideas are really good! Orlando International Airport was an idea long ago during MCMagic. It was going to be made after everything got done around the property. As of now, there isn't a plan for it since there is so much to do right now in terms of projects and keeping up with the parks. Secondly, we will have more audio for the rides that don't have some in the future. Especially the one's in NewMK, those will get more. For the HUB, we do decorate it for the holidays. For example, for Halloween we did a HUB with a lot of orange, pumpkins, and more! I really do like some of your suggestions though!
  5. Almost time for Spring Break! Can't wait!

  6. Hello @SuperPotatqx! Amazing introduction! TheTimTracker and Michael Kay are amazing YouTubers! See you in the parks!
  7. Thank you to everyone who played Four Corners today! Hope you had fun!

    1. Mavly


      Thank you, Scan, for hosting!

    2. Gooby


      I think I came in second twice 
      Luck is never my friend :lol:

  8. Thank you for 9,000 views everyone on my profile page! Almost to 10,000!

  9. Congratulations, @faeriesss!

  10. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

    1. PrinceRisk


      Happy st. patricks day to you too

    2. Mavly


      All the luck!

  11. Hello @Gooby! Love the picture! Very pretty!
  12. Hello @Chicken! A while ago we sent out a survey to see if the ranks should change for both staff and Guests, and everyone wanted the staff ranks to change and the Guests to stay the same. Also, DVC and Shareholder were more based on Disney and a Disney tag, but now as we got Universal Studios Orlando and a different name and theme, the Settler, Dweller, Noble, Majestic, and Honorable theme fits.
  13. Hello @A_Joyful_Joey! Looks pretty so far!
  14. @Wackyflipper, That looks amazing!
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