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  1. S_Stitch

    Photos, Balloons, Hats, Pins, and More!

    Also, please make Toy Story Land and Pandora?!!
  2. S_Stitch

    Photos, Balloons, Hats, Pins, and More!

    also, we should be able to drive the Tomorrowland speedway and make it a race, also, make it where we can control how fast we can spin the teacups or how high we go on rides like dumbo
  3. S_Stitch

    MK Suggestion

    OMG YASSS!!!
  4. I have a few ideas! first, obviously 3D models, and for flat rides, have them actually work like the ride. The new TOT is awesome but I wish something like that was done for Star Tours. Even for the coasters, have them have two seats in a row, or have them look like they do irl. second, rooms on cruise ships, yeah third, instead of taking pictures and uploading them to the computer, have a photo album on the server where you can take pictures and add them to the album. Also have ride photos and add those to the album too. fourth, have balloons that float around in the wind fifth, make cool hats like Mickey ears and Minnie ears and sorcerer hats, etc that you can wear and buy with money sixth, make quests, like the agent p quest or the Epcot passport thing! seventh, pins, make pins you can buy or get from completing things, then you can have them on a visible lanyard and trade them with other people on the sever, maybe even have a pin trading table or two Lastly, have leaderboards, both ride count leaderboards that show the top 10 guests that have ridden the ride the most times, and then also have leaderboards for rides like buzz light year and test track where you can see the top scores i think that is it! Tell me what you guys think and if they can actually be brought into the game

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