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  1. Also, We should get vehicles that have multiple seats in a row, for like Dinosaur! That would be so cool! And for like Expedition Everest have two in each row, and then for Primevial Whirl have the vehicle with the circle that actually moves around! Just a few examples
  2. We should also, have the leaderboards and scoring for test track. (sorry for all the replys I can't edit)
  3. Also, we should have 3d models for all the rides, for example, Peter Pan, have the actual ships! And for dumbo and astro orbiter, actually have vehicles that you can control! Also, we should be able to actually drive on tomorrowland freeway! We should also have stationary meet and greets for like Mickey and Tink, where they are robotic and automatically give us an autograph! I also saw that post about ride counter leaderboards and that would be super cool!
  4. I have 2 ideas.. 1. Pin Trading: We can have individual pins and mystery bags that we pay for, we can get a lanyard and add all our pins to the lanyard, then we can trade for pins with other players. We could also have chasers, and limited edition pins (that actually have a limited amount ;D). We could also have hidden mickeys we get from workers on the server! This could also work for vinylmation 2. Renting Rooms on Cruise Ships: Basically we can book a room for a certain number of days on a cruise ship, like in the hotels. They could be different, like inside, outside, balcony, and suite! I think that would be so cool! 3. Lastly, we should have a leaderboard for rides like Space Ranger Spin!
  5. S_Stitch

    Character of the Week - 1

    Flynn Rider
  6. I know we have cruise ships on the server, so what if we can book a room on a ship? That would be so cool!

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