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  1. Hiya! I'm Fae and as some of you know, I was accepted to participate in the Disney College Program in Walt Disney World. I wanted to start the forum for anyone that had any questions about the program. I am currently 2 weeks from my check-in date! Please feel free to comment below your questions about the program. I am more than happy to explain what the program is and the whole application process! DCP INFO My Role: QSFB / also known as Quick Service Food and Beverage. This means I will be working with food in one of the many restaurants or with an ice cream cart! Applied/Accepted: I applied the day the applications dropped back in August but didn't receive an email asking for an interview until October! I was finally accepted in early November! Program Length: I was accepted for the Spring program which means I will be working at Disney from January until May! Let me know if you have any questions and I will try my best to answer them!
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