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  1. Thanks everyone! I am so excited to plan some amazing events for Palace! Woo!

  2. Congratulations on Senior Mod, Queen!

    1. Joshmc_


      Congrats fae!!! 

    2. CamShea


      Woo! Faeee!

    3. davidzoo



  3. Finally starting to feel a bit better. Hopefully by Sunday everything will be all cleared up! <3

  4. I just finished my first official week of work as a Disney Cast Member! I am so happy to be joining this amazing company! :D

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    2. CowDestroyer1313
    3. xFqdedMemory


      I'm so happy for you fae! Have lots of fun <3

    4. DreamyHoney


      That sounds awesome! I hope you have a great time!

  5. Fae- you are honestly so powerful you don’t even know it. Live love and laugh must be your phrase for life because I see you doing all three constantly. As Cinderella once said “have courage and be kind” and you show both qualities. You are so stong and open minded that I can see you going far in anything you so put your mind into.

    You never made fun of me or disrespected anything I did and I thank you. You were always a real one...


    Congratulations on becoming a Disney World Cast Memeber. I am so proud of you.



    1. faeriesss


      Aw thank you so much Lu aka my frozen sing along partner <3 (sing it too long partner that is) <3 Love you!

  6. Today I officially became a Cast Member for the Walt Disney Company! <3

    1. Punkey


      Yayyyy! GO FAEEE! Yayyyyyy

    2. cjh66


      I hope you do well! EEEEEEEEEE

    3. Mavly


      I'm a little late, but congrats!

  7. Officially one week until I start my Disney College Program! I can’t believe it!!!!

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    2. Punkey



    3. xFqdedMemory


      Have fun!

    4. Soniccc


      Congratulations! Have fun! You will do great!

  8. Haha thanks! I will be sure to let everyone know!! I find out in about a week what complex I get!
  9. I'll be there until May! I won't find out my work location until next week though! About halfway through my program, I will get the opportunity to extend (which means I can stay longer). So right now the plan is for me to apply to extend!
  10. Actually me and the girl I want to room with put that as our top preference!!
  11. You have to be currently enrolled in college to be able to apply! It doesn't matter if you are in community college or university. <3
  12. Hiya Punkey! My favorite cereal has got to be Raisin Bran! :p
  13. Hiya! I'm Fae and as some of you know, I was accepted to participate in the Disney College Program in Walt Disney World. I wanted to start the forum for anyone that had any questions about the program. I am currently 2 weeks from my check-in date! Please feel free to comment below your questions about the program. I am more than happy to explain what the program is and the whole application process! DCP INFO My Role: QSFB / also known as Quick Service Food and Beverage. This means I will be working with food in one of the many restaurants or with an ice cream cart! Applied/Accepted: I applied the day the applications dropped back in August but didn't receive an email asking for an interview until October! I was finally accepted in early November! Program Length: I was accepted for the Spring program which means I will be working at Disney from January until May! Let me know if you have any questions and I will try my best to answer them!
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