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    Also will you be my 'bae'max for palentines?

    1. Punkey



  2. random can you add me to yeti expeditions I had to go when they started to get viewed

    remember I helped at it


  3. Join Palace Cruise Lines and Disney Cruise Lines, as we do our Disney Wish Inaugural cruise! The schedule is coming soon, stay tuned! Check back for updates!
  4. I never noticed that I had over 2,000 profile views!

    By the way, happy holidays. :)

    1. PrinceRisk


      `Happy Holidays Random

  5. Happy Birthday Random!

  6. Make sure to join the cool people club if you are a cool person or want to be a cool person!

  7. Hi cool people and welcome to the first OFFICIAL Cool People game! You have to name a Disney Parks attraction! But there is a twist: The attraction must start with the last letter of the previous attraction. Example: Expedition Everest Tiki Room The starting word is: Test Track!
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