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  1. Autograph Books!

    There's already a way for you to remove autographs from your book First, if you have multiple books, make sure you select the book with the autograph you want to remove (shift-click the book then choose which one). If you have under 50 autographs you'll only have one book. Next, find which page the autograph you want to remove is on. For example, the one you pictured is on page 15. To remove it, you would type '/autograph remove 15'. I hope this answered your question!
  2. Hello! I used to be futurebuilder1. I appealed my ban on Palace Network.

    1. Zillent


      You must send a application in.

  3. New Creative Head Idea :P

    One of the biggest reasons we don't offer this right now is because some people aren't comfortable with others using their heads on plots. Maybe we could create a way for players to give out their own heads, but letting people get any head they want made some people uncomfortable in the past.
  4. Favorite Disney Ride Music?

    Soarin’ takes the cake for me, I’m a sucker for huge orchestral songs and that soundtrack is too perfect
  5. New Attractions!

    This is probably the most difficult question I’ve ever had to answer
  6. What is your favorite ride?

    My favorite thrill ride right now is definitely Flight of Passage in Pandora, followed closely by Test Track in Epcot. Aside from that, the Haunted Mansion is my favorite slow ride.
  7. What is your favorite thing to do in WDW?

    It might seem like a weird answer, but something I enjoyed the most during my last trip was the time spent just sitting and relaxing somewhere in the park. There’s just something about sitting on the grass patches Magic Kingdom hub waiting for the Festival of Fantasy parade that was so enjoyable. Aside from that, Flight of Passage. Definitely Flight of Passage
  8. What's everyones favorite Disneyland show?

    I have never been to Disneyland (hopefully someday!) but from videos my favorite show is by far World of Color. I know it’s in Disney California Adventure and not Disneyland, so it might not count as an answer, but I’d watch it a thousand times over!
  9. Messaging

    Hi! Since the forums are so new, we decided to leave a few features disabled. Our moderation team is still getting used to the new setup and we didn’t want to overload them with too many things to learn at once. Because of this, we decided to disable private messaging on the forums. It will most likely be reenabled in the future, just after our team is used to the new forums.
  10. Minecraft Render

    Nice job, it looks great!
  11. New Community Forums!

    Welcome to our updated Community Forums! Our previous forum software had been with us since the beginning, but didn't fit our exact needs for our community. Now, with a fresh look and a soon-to-be-updated main website, we plan to use these new forums to encourage discussion in our community! Palace Network Get announcements just like this in our Announcements and News forum. We'll make new posts there explaining all of the upcoming plans we have for Palace! Tell us what you think in our Feedback & Suggestions forum. Suggest changes or improvements that can be made anywhere from the server to the forums to discord. You can even suggest a New Forum idea if you'd like us to expand our forums. And most importantly, check out our Introduce Yourself forum! Whether you just joined yesterday or have been here for years, take a moment to tell other members of our community about yourself. What's your favorite Disney movie? Favorite Universal Studios Orlando ride? It's up to you! Character Space Do you have a question regarding our Character program? Ask away in the Character Support forum. Theme Parks Want to have discussions about your favorite theme parks? Then this is the place for you! There are separate forums for Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Universal Orlando Resort. You can write an op-ed about why you like/dislike a ride, review a restaurant, or whatever else you'd like! Movies Here we encourage you to have discussions about movies! Right now there is only a forum for Disney movies, but if enough members of our community would like this expanded, submit a New Forum idea! Creative Corner The Creative Corner is back up and running! Weekly spotlights will be posted in the Creative Spotlights forum. We also encourage you to share pictures of your Minecraft Builds! Also, there's an area for you to share any Graphic Designs you've made! Abuse Center This is a section of the forums where you can submit a Ban Appeal, Report a Guest or Report a Staff Member. Only you and staff members can see your posts in these forums. Please follow the rules of each forum accordingly. We reserve the right to have final decision on all bans and reports. So that's the quick summary of our new forums! We hope everyone likes them and welcome any suggestions for changes in the future. Thanks!
  12. pirates.of.the.caribbean.water.

    You've probably seen this already, but RobPlays made a video on why Disney water smells so good
  13. Palace Forecast - March 6th, 2018

    Welcome to Palace Forecast! A weekly show featuring news, spotlights, interviews, and more! We hope you all enjoy, and check out all the info below! This week's forecast: Mardi Gras is nearing completion, you can even see a bit of a teaser in the video! Your chance to decorating an egg are coming to a close soon, so make sure to make your last designs on Creative! /warp Egg Meet your new Senior Mod of Events, Vidsify! Fill out this survey to help out with the development of future games, events, etc! Form: https://goo.gl/apfFTv Witness a teaser of a special project coming this Spring above! Pay close attention, there is more coming soon... Also take a look at some lovely highlights from Finding Nemo: The Musical! Our Creative Spotlight this week was built by Shapliersole78, with help from Broadwayss, Partygeezer and Oh_My_Disney. Take a look in the video above! Visit: /warp csbuild on Creative. Apply: https://goo.gl/xrFVrs See you all next week!
  14. Welcome to Palace Forecast! A weekly show featuring news, spotlights, interviews, and more! We hope you all enjoy, and check out all the info below! This week's forecast: Mardi Gras is coming very soon with a new parade! Egg decorating can be found at /warp egg on Creative. Perfect Pairs ends February 28th! Check out more here: https://goo.gl/CHcRm8 The Winter Wonderland meet and greet went wonderfully, check the video for some highlights! This forecast we interviewed the wonderful Mod, Quishe! Our Creative Spotlight this week was built by DisQuick, with help from Legolady110 pigy_boss9 Super_lego__1. Visit: /warp csbuild on Creative. Apply: https://goo.gl/xrFVrs See you all next week!
  15. My thoughts on Coco...

    This is currently one of my most favorite Disney movies to date. My favorite of all time is still The Lion King, but this is a close second. I loved learning about the holiday Dia De Los Muertos, The Day of the Dead, something I've never heard of before. While I don't personally celebrate it, I enjoyed seeing how different cultures celebrate their own holidays.