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  1. Happy Birthday Legobuilder :D


    1. ScanWorks
    2. LuigiFan0001



      We all wish you a very magical birthday from the whole Palace Network!


      HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Palace Network

  2. Legobuilder0813

    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is in Previews!

    I notice the ride counter issue too, it appears to be fixed as of right now though. Also the issue with not being able to sit down should be fixed as well. If either of these problems happen again, please let myself or another staff member know! (And thank you!)
  3. Legobuilder0813

    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is in Previews!

    There's a fix for this bug, but it will go out later tonight since there's a party on DHS right now. Thanks for reporting it!
  4. At long last, Palace's Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is in previews! Not only have we been working on this ride specifically for months, but this ride uses technology we've been developing for over 2 years! We're so happy that we're finally able to show you what we've been working on. This post will be updated as more players are able to experience the new attraction. For now, previews are limited to Honorable, Majestic, Noble and Dwellers. We will be letting more guests on soon! Since it's a new attraction, we want to slowly grow the amount of players experiencing it. Before you ride, we want to ask that you report any issues with this ride in the replies to this post. Because this attraction uses new technology, it's still possible that something goes wrong, and we want to make sure we give everyone the best experience possible! Here is a list of things we're most concerned about working properly: Up to 7 players are brought into the elevator shaft and a new 3D-model elevator appears. You can click on seats to sit down, similar to the carousel and teacups. If you don't sit down after the 10 seconds are up, you should automatically be placed in a seat. All scenes have audio; hallway, fifth dimension, drop shaft and the ending. When you're in the exit area, your elevator will disappear and players should receive: $5 in-game money 10 honor points A 'Tower of Terror' ride counter An achievement... I won't say which one! If any of the above things don't work, tell us below! Also let us know if you experience some other weird issue not listed above. We'll fix those too! Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Hollywood Tower Hotel!
  5. @Legobuilder0813my appeal still has not been replied to. it has been a few months now. how long do appeals take to process?


    1. ScanWorks


      Hello @ridebuilder575!

      Sorry for the delay. There is a lot of ban appeals to go through and Managers and staff have real life also to deal with. We know it's been a while, but it will get done soon. Thank you for your patience throughout the process. Again, there is a lot to go through at the moment and the Managers need to also manage the server, community, and staff.

  6. Legobuilder0813

    no noise?

    Changed Status to Fixed
  7. Legobuilder0813

    no noise?

    Sorry for the long wait, this has been fixed! This was most likely due to a change made in Chrome where you had to interact with a webpage before it is allowed to play audio/video. We fixed this by requiring players click a button when the audio server page opens.
  8. Legobuilder0813

    UOE Update

    Unfortunately with Disney's plans to replace the Universe of Energy with a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, it isn't feasible for us to spend time updating the original ride when it'll be replaced soon after. We'd rather spend time updating and creating other parts of the parks.
  9. Legobuilder0813

    I had a tpa request, but couldn't accept

    Changed Status to Confirmed
  10. Legobuilder0813

    I had a tpa request, but couldn't accept

    Changed Status to Unconfirmed
  11. I need some help getting onto the Disney server. I tried putting in Mcmagic.us (it was the only ip I could find) but it did not work. I was wondering if I was on the wrong version or if I have the ip wrong. Can anyone help me out?

    1. Ghoste


      Hey @Huskygirl32_28,

      The IP is play.palace.network

    2. ScanWorks


      Hello @Huskygirl32_28!

      Our IP is play.palace.network and we support 1.8 - 1.12.2.

  12. Legobuilder0813

    Why is Creative News locked?

    Sorry about this, it's been fixed!
  13. Legobuilder0813

    Homework Helper

    @quinnconnolly03 has a point, Palace is more than just what we offer on a Minecraft server, it's a community! I think this is a great idea
  14. Legobuilder0813

    Train Carts on Creative.

    I know this has been asked for a lot, and I know how much people want it, but as of right now this isn't something we can offer on our Creative server. When we use TrainCarts on our parks, it's in a managed environment where we know there are always going to be X number of rides on Epcot for example. We're also able to fine-tune those rides so don't cause the server too much stress. If we were to add it to Creative, there would be an untold number of rides that would exist. I think it's safe to say at least 100 people visit Creative daily, with peaks around 40-50 players at the same time on the weekends. I don't know if the server would be able to handle that amount of load along with plot management, show creator, and all the other things involved (plus, the plot world is huge - 26+ GB huge). One thing I would like to do, and this is only an idea at this point, unfortunately, not a guarantee, is to build a simplified version of TrainCarts specifically for Creative that is optimized for our plots. Again, no promises on if or when this would be coming, but I would totally love to release it for everyone.
  15. Legobuilder0813

    2 Different Autograph Books

    While what you mentioned is definitely possible, we like the current setup so it's easy enough to find autographs (alphabetized in different books) but it still feels like a real book. If we were to let you search for autographs, even by letter and not name, that isn't realistic. If you have a book with character autographs in the real parks, you have to flip through it like any other book! There's no search button

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