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  1. Thrill town will be a new theme park to experience on creative, it will feature some rides that our team of technicians (me) will create just for this park, it will also show some already existing ride systems that we developed: like the soon opening dolphin dash at SeaWorld Palace. This will also be a place for you (our customer) to experience our rides so you can consider asking us to develop your theme parks newest ride. These are the plans for our current themed lands: The ones with the question marks are still up in the air and might change later. Some themed areas already have a rollercoaster planned.
  2. Here is the current overview of our little Amsterdam project. There's also an overview of all the important buildings/exhibits. But we will be creating more. Overview from above the plot. We hope to open this around Christmas. We will also be submitting it for CSbuild once it's done. Please stay tuned for any further development.
  3. Chrisboy04

    Meep Development Inc. Head quarters

    Yeah well, soon our HQ will be done and open to everybody. (as you already know CJ)
  4. Our HQ in Little Amsterdam is starting to take shape, we will start building our production studio soon but seeing as plots currently can't be cleared we have to wait. Our Headquarters will be located on a new street in little Amsterdam called: Molenweg (English: Millroad) 13. We will use this as our HQ for any and all project produced at Meep Movie Studios
  5. Chrisboy04

    Name ANYTHING Disney Related!

    O: oasis (first land in animal kingdom)
  6. Chrisboy04

    One Word Story

  7. Chrisboy04

    Use my word! (Disney Themed!)

    Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world (and in Walt Disney World.) My word: Eeyore
  8. Chrisboy04

    Pikachu Army

    Wow that black and blue one looks amazing!
  9. Chrisboy04

    Use my word! (Disney Themed!)

    Pixar has made some of the best movies I’ve ever seen. my word: train.
  10. I’m going to take a 3 hour traintrip across my country!

  11. Chrisboy04

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban cjh66 you’re name is light blue, and I don’t like light blue.
  12. Chrisboy04

    What is your favourite ride?

    Where’s splash @ThePilotGamer? Cause that’s definitely my favorite ride. I can’t wait for the refurbished to be done and then I’ll be able to ride it again.
  13. Chrisboy04

    Splash Refurb!

    Our development team is proud to present this first overview picture of the refurb, the parts that are drawn in blue show where the old track was all the track drawn in gray is the current track, stay tuned because there might be more new coming about the changes to SPLASH.
  14. Chrisboy04

    Splash Refurb!

    I'd like to notify you all of a new phrase we're (mostly just me but it fits the theme) adding to the marketing of SPLASH: THERE'S ALWAYS A BIGGER FISH! (yes in all caps)
  15. Chrisboy04

    Splash Refurb!

    I can’t wait to see what we make out of this ride.

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