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  1. Chrisboy04

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban ghoste I find that question unnesecairy. Of course, it does he's an enderman
  2. Chrisboy04

    Name ANYTHING Disney Related!

    D - Dopey
  3. Chrisboy04

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban JustinsWorld4U I thought you’d be a good staff member, I was wrong you’re great, but that still doesn’t save you from the ban. *snaps*
  4. Seeing as the CSbuild is back I’m going to clear my plot and make something inspired by a real life city. 


    That’s all I’m going to say about what I’m building. I am………

    try to guess what my build will be inspired by.

  5. I’m just quickly going to mention one thing I miss in the heads section right here: -a mailbox, I wanted to use it for a build but then I found out that the menu doesn’t have it.
  6. Chrisboy04

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban princerisk I had to read that sentence multiple times just so I could understand it
  7. Chrisboy04

    Word association

    Programming (it’s what I think of with the word developer)
  8. Chrisboy04

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban Justinsworld4U on his profile picture he left too much SPACE for the letter J
  9. Chrisboy04

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban supertemYT I’m pretty sure that’s not how you spell team.
  10. Chrisboy04

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban skrhak4 his name sounds like a fictional creature.

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