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  1. Chrisboy04

    Character of the Week - 5

  2. This is a hotel I'm making with a convention center next to it. The hotel consists of small building that are similar to a city at the end of my plot I might build a big giant lobby and just these smaller buildings in front of it. In the image bellow I've made it visible What I currently have I made all by myself in like 1-2 hours. Here are some more screenshots. ^ is the view at second floor level ^ first building with on the left pink #1 with a restaurant on the top and on the right pink #2 with the restaurant being build ^ one of the "standard rooms" we have in pink #1 I'd love to hear your opinions and I'd love to get some more ideas for what I can make, 'cause I currently have a few store buildings to fill. Oh and the name of the hotel hasn't been decided yet.
  3. Sam I'm not saying you copied my compliment...... but my compliment to everybody on the server was a little while earlier....


    (Just a little fun thing I created especially for this message. CAUSE WE CAN ADD CODE TO MESSAGES)

    <!DOCTYPE html>
      <h3 style="color:#003366"> Message to sam </h3>
      <p> Sam don't copy my compliment </p>

    (Jk buddy, this community deserves all the compliments it can get)


    1. SurvivalSam


      XD, allright, my friend.

  4. Chrisboy04

    Compliments for... Everyone!

    Sam why do you copy my compliment to everybody? You might've structured your message differently but it comes down to the same. Besides that, thanks buddy
  5. I love how we can add code to our messages, most likely people won't use it but it's a nice option

  6. Chrisboy04

    Pilot Entertainment!

    Hey @ThePilotGamer I heard you are looking for people to help you... I'd like to help out (like always)
  7. Chrisboy04

    Fill in the Blank #1

    "@SurvivalSam running after @EnzoGoober, then I realize it's Sam's normal behavior and ride my bike home like every day of school."
  8. Chrisboy04

    Palace Forecast - June 13th, 2018

    @FluffyTheCat great job on the forecast, you did good.
  9. Chrisboy04


    Let's try that again.......... 1
  10. Chrisboy04

    Word association

    Gravity (seeing as it is a force)
  11. I've said it time and time again: every staff member on this server is amazing..... Just like all guests are amazing. You guys (all of us) keep this community running you make the palace community feel like it's just a big group of friends/relatives. Nobody gets left out we're all a part of: The palace network The staff member have always felt like glorified guests (To me at least). (which I don't mean as a bad) (I don't know if glorified is the correct word in this sentence but it felt right.) What does that mean? Well staff are always helping, don't misuse their power and are warm and welcome to new guests. This is something I've never seen on any other server, on some staff are always cold and distant from the guests. If that didn't make sense to you I understand. Let me just sum this message up for you: Every person on this server is great because: You guys keep this community running you make the palace community feel like it's just a big group of friends/relatives. Nobody gets left out we're all a part of: The palace network.
  12. Chrisboy04

    WDW ride soundtracks.

    Hey I didn't see this topic here (and couldn't find it by searching) so: What is your favorite Disney world ride soundtrack? Personally I like the carousel of progress, I can listen to it for hours and not get annoyed. (Idk why, idk how but I can)
  13. Yesterday (at this point 20 hours ago) I made a playlist on spotify and just added random songs I like.......


    I can almost put this playlist on and go through a full day of school while listening to it..... (6 hours and 50 minutes this is 5 hours and 57 minutes)

    Does anybody know a good song I can add??

    1. Chrisboy04


      I'm at 6:25 now xD

  14. Chrisboy04

    Why is Creative News locked?

    @Legobuilder0813 Thanks

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