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  1. I thought the movie was amazing, Stan lee cameo, opening title. Goose was the best character in my opinion, what did you guys think of it?
  2. I’ve never felt like an image described me more than this oneB73CCF98-E345-4FC2-BBF6-2B65D1461E51.jpeg.da7d11bf6b245955f4c91d2741c58063.jpeg

  3. image.thumb.png.8486c41e59fc1730a75b9261fc54ee72.png
    Today we received some very sad news. Opportunity (one of the first Mars rovers) has officially been pronounced "lost" by NASA after it wouldn't respond to messages from earth, it's mission has officially been stopped by NASA, we'll see you when we get there buddy :(.

  4. /ban Jaybay1313 don't make fun of cj he's a good person and he can say things the way he wants.
  5. "My house, in the middle of the sea
    My house, in the middle of the
    My house, in the middle of the sea"
    (if anybody is interested in learning more just google: zuiderzee works)

  6. /ban cjh66 those letter are too big on my phone.
  7. Because it made me so happy I cried tears of joy.
  8. thank you CJH, you're also a really good friend of mine, and you're also a pretty good builder yourself.
  9. Breakfast is the most important meal in a day right? Well I just got myself some very nice tea and a Dutch specialty a for breakfast.


    It was a nice breakfast.

  10. Okay so this morning it was snowing, and I had to bike half-way across my city (5km) and well it was fun.
    My bag didn't look like this when I left home :D

  11. /ban jaybay1313, your name contains 1313 does that mean you're double unlucky?
  12. So a little while back I posted our plans for Thrill Town an ambitious theme park project. Today I will present you with the current construction status. @cjh66 has started construction on our Western Town. @Chrisboy04 has started working on the different types of mountains we have in different sections of the park like the pirate and western section. He also built "Moose on the loose" Our duelling wooden coaster. Here are some pictures. Mountains in the pirate area. Western area Moose on the loose coaster.
  13. So today during art class I managed to draw a decent looking human:FF76E03C-14F2-4224-A8D4-62620834505A.thumb.jpeg.221d03013ffa0264e919bdedf2ea24a5.jpeg

    it’s sitting in an airplane chair.

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    2. cjh66


      Better then what i could do :|

    3. Mavly


      Very nice! :x

    4. Soniccc


      I like it! Very nice job!


  14. I Just noticed that I’m getting close to 2k profile views :). Thank you all for that.

  15. I finally changed my skin. (I still had my Christmas skin on before I changed it)


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