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  2. Hey everyone! As last weeks game proves to be a little challenging, here's a new counting game that can be fun for staff members and guests alike! Here's the challenge - Count to 2019 before 2019! Rules; Only one post from one person a day. If you try to do more than one post a day, it will not count. Staff and guest cooperation together, get your friends to help! There will be a surprise for everyone who participated once we reach 2019! Good luck to all!
  3. Hey guys! I got this idea from @Brant and I wanted to try it out! So how you play this game is; guests try to count too 100 and see how far they can get before a staff member interrupts! (I encourage staff participation!) When a staff member interrupts you have to start over! The interrupter word for staff will be: Castle The only rules are that guests & staff can only post a number once a day per person. (Meaning, once you post a number, you cannot post until the next day(24 hours - i will be watching.))No skipping numbers! Start at 1 and go up. No exceptions. Once the interrupting word is said by a Staff Member, you must start over from 1! This is a Staff vs. Guest game, please be respectful to each other and as always, keep it family friendly. Good luck!
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