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  1. Hello :)

    I have a game you might like, if you want to hear pm me so it can be a surprise to everyone else if it gets accepted as a game ;)!

  2. Canis18

    Fill in the Blank #2

    You did!
  3. Canis18

    Fill in the Blank #2

    Wow not many replies on the last one - lets try to get more participation in this one! =^-^=! This week's Fill in the Blank: As Mickey, Donald and Goofy packed up their camping gear, they failed to realize they forgot ____
  4. Canis18

    Another..Counting game o-o

    381! We're Slowly but surely getting there!
  5. Hey Canis, I submitted a ban appeal about a week ago and I've gotten no response. About how long does it take to get an answer on appeals normally?

    1. ScanWorks


      Hello @beepolmao!

      Our Managers check the ban appeals when they can get to them. Thank you for staying patient.

  6. Canis, I have a cool picture for you. :P 2018-06-15_16_28_24.thumb.png.297bf1004324426b4778dea62194bee9.png

    1. Canis18


      It's beautiful

  7. wat is "Kek"?


    1. SurvivalSam


      Canis hangs out with Brant too much :/.

    2. cjh66
  8. You should check this out! ;3


    1. SurvivalSam



    2. Chrisboy04


      Thanks buddy yet another great game

    3. cjh66


      *does really bad Batman voice* Check this out! *coughs* ok need to work on that xD

  9. Canis18

    Fill in the Blank #1

    Hello everyone! This is the first week with our new game! In this game, fill in the blanks with words or even a story you like! (Must be appropriate.) This is not like Word Association. This is you telling your own story in one post! Here is an example: Waiter there is a ______ in my soup! To which you reply and say what is in your soup! There can be multiple blanks to fill in or open ended blanks to which you can tell your own story! Here is this weeks: (open ended) I was riding my bike until suddenly I screeched to a halt. I looked to my left and I saw _________
  10. Canis18

    Walmart Store Riot RPG

    :O whoA that made me quite dizzy!
  11. Canis18

    Walmart Store Riot RPG

    *Eats 10 bags of chips in the chip aisle and watches the chaos from afar*
  12. "Kek"

    1. cjh66


      very very late "KEK"

  13. Canis18

    This one goes out to all.....

    Thank you Chrisboy04!

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