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  1. Canis18

    Reputation of the week

    I don't see what's wrong can you maybe explain a little bit more?
  2. Canis18

    Fill in the Blank #3

    oooooo! What consoles do you want?
  3. Canis18

    Story Time...

    "I like cheese gimme some of that!"
  4. Canis18

    Story Time...

    he ate some cheese and exclaimed
  5. Canis18

    Word association

    spiders :<
  6. Canis18

    Fill in the Blank #3

    I love all of your answers! Here is #3: When i was walking down the street, I passed some ____ stores. I looked into the glass and I saw some ______ that I really wanted!
  7. Canis18

    Story Time...

    Canis the extremely cute polar bear does some quick thinking and
  8. Hello :)

    I have a game you might like, if you want to hear pm me so it can be a surprise to everyone else if it gets accepted as a game ;)!

  9. Canis18

    Fill in the Blank #2

    You did!
  10. Canis18

    Fill in the Blank #2

    Wow not many replies on the last one - lets try to get more participation in this one! =^-^=! This week's Fill in the Blank: As Mickey, Donald and Goofy packed up their camping gear, they failed to realize they forgot ____

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