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Hi I'm Canis18.

I am currently an Honorable, former Sr. Mod on Palace Network. I've been apart of the Palace/Old MCMagic community since November of 2014. If you need any help, feel free to ask. I'm quite shy but you'll come to find if you get to know me, I'm quite energetic and funny. I, along with @MrFirespark created a show called The Anytime Show, Home of Cooking with Canis! Check it out on the Palace Youtube!

I really like Disney Pins, they are my main hobby. I love Donald and The Three Caballeros along with many other Disney movies like Finding Nemo (My cats name is Nemo heh) and The Lion King!


Want to learn even more about me? Click here! https://forums.palace.network/topic/36-canis18s-introduction/

I hope to see you around the parks!

Ranks -

[Guest] - 11/16/14
[DVC] - 2/7/15
[Intern] - 4/4/15
[DVC] - 8/28/15
[Shareholder] - 12/17/15
[Intern] - 1/10/16
[Shareholder] - 6/12/16
[EME] - 8/21/16
[Shareholder] - 9/12/16
[Dweller] - 11/18/16
[Honorable] - 11/20/16
[Squire] - 9/7/2017
[Trainee] - 9/25/17
[Moderator] - 10/5/2017
[Sr. Mod] - 4/10/2018
[Honorable] - 2/21/19


(Fun fact: I've been every Intern rank available: Intern, EME, Squire, Trainee!)

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