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  1. Maddimew

    Thoughts On The Despicable Me Movies?

    To Be Honest I like The First Movie the best, The Second movie just no, The third Is not the best and I am getting real annoyed about it and Minions yes Bob Is Cute But I feel like it really should not belong o-o
  2. Maddimew

    Thoughts on the Shrek franchise

    I completely agree with that, Honestly.
  3. There are so many Universal Movies right? Therefore, So Many Characters! So how you play this game is that you ask a questions like "The Next Person Went To School Like Hermione Granger" And The Next Person Answers True or False And They Ask Another Question like "False, The Next Person has 2 sisters like Margo" and it keeps going on and on. All Server Rules Still Apply 1. No asking for personal info 2. No Asking where they live I am going to start off, The Next Person has A Dog Like Hagrid
  4. Maddimew

    Disney Pins

    I love It! Many Have Suggested it So Chance!
  5. Maddimew

    Attraction Game?

    Expedition Everest
  6. Maddimew

    Attraction Game?

    It is the Middle of the ride, Can you read the instructions again? I did it correctly And I know I did, So it Would Be T o-o
  7. Maddimew

    What is everyone's favorite /audio music?

    Mine would be the Harry Potter Audio Near Hogwarts
  8. Maddimew

    Name ANYTHING Disney Related!

    P - Pride Rock
  9. Maddimew

    Attraction Game?

    Test Track (I am not creative XD)
  10. Maddimew

    Another..Counting game o-o

    1014 I feel like we are a little too late...
  11. Maddimew

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban faeriesss for banning people
  12. Maddimew


    86 We are doing so well!! Lets just hope someone does not just pop up and ruin it

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