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  1. So today's Question Of The Day is "How accepting do you think people are of the LGBTQ+ community?" You don't have to get into full detail, but I would love it if you joined in! Lauren- For me- I believe people that are afraid of change or something different will hate and hate on the community that just wants love. However- I have met a few people of the LGBTQ+ community that make it clear that they want to be the stereotypical gay or lesbian and that's fine- you do you honey- but for someone who doesn't understand same-gender marriage or relationships or just never really has been around it...its going to be hard for them to be near someone who's loud and kind of obnoxious and very 'flamboyant'. Not saying what they're doing is correct, i would just understand where they're coming from.........
  2. What a real one

  3. I would wear these, but the shape of the hat doesn't stay on my head. =(
  4. Snow storms heading my way, so anyone in the New England area- please be careful these following days. I know some of you may think "its only 32 degrees I can wears shorts" or "I've driven in worse" the snow that's thin is the worst- so please stay safe and warm. <3

    1. Soniccc


      Thank you. We are getting snow as well 3-5 inches. Hopefully I get no school tomorrow, but we shall see.  Goodnight, and stay warm.

  5. Her names Pocahontas
  6. We all know what’s NOTT going to be on here. Pocahontas 2. That movie flopped harder than a flipped pancake...
  7. The credits.....never really cared for those movies but if I had to pick a favorite. Bullseye
  8. I’m really excited for Aladdin because it really hasn’t gotten much hype and I think it diserves
  9. Pocahontas! She’s so real. All the other characters in Disney I could never relate too but when I started really paying attention to what the movie was saying- I think Pocahontas really says something that we all should pay attention too.
  10. I love all these but- I think these are my favorite. If someone can guess who they were inspired by would become my instant best friend !! hmmmmm
  11. Fae- you are honestly so powerful you don’t even know it. Live love and laugh must be your phrase for life because I see you doing all three constantly. As Cinderella once said “have courage and be kind” and you show both qualities. You are so stong and open minded that I can see you going far in anything you so put your mind into.

    You never made fun of me or disrespected anything I did and I thank you. You were always a real one...


    Congratulations on becoming a Disney World Cast Memeber. I am so proud of you.



    1. faeriesss


      Aw thank you so much Lu aka my frozen sing along partner <3 (sing it too long partner that is) <3 Love you!

  12. Happy February everybody. If anyone doesn't have a valentines this month...you're looking at the best “Friends Valentine” that you're ever going to see!!! :x


  13. Look at @Sock_Sowachowski. Wwacka Wwacka wwacka!
  14. Tell us a little bit about your beautiful self and everything you are. Remember- do still follow the Palace rules but we can share things that are allowed (Favorite color, sport team, animal, cat or dogs?!- etc.) Cant wait to meet you guys!
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