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  1. Xefraccil

    Monorail Scenery

    I’ve actually been working on a bit here and there, but there’s still much to be done. With the addition of NewMK being worked on, it would probably be the first area that would have these higher amounts of scenery around the beams, unless those are finished before it opens, then it miiiight be Epcot as the first. Keep your eyes open!
  2. Xefraccil

    The Highway in the Sky

    @cjh66 She’s thrown a few tantrums here and there. It’s kinda funny, but someone found a lavender hair clip style bow and it was in the cab, so I clipped it to the wires coming into the radio above where the pilot sits, and she’s actually playing nice. I guess she likes it and thinks she’s more beautiful, so she’s behaving for now. These trains have been around so long, they’ve all developed different personalities. If you work here long enough, you can really tell how hey all behave.
  3. Xefraccil

    The Highway in the Sky

    Red is the Diva of the group. She’s usually on any image or ad that involves a monorail and loves the attention, in turn if things aren’t done “her way” then she’ll get a bit moody.
  4. Xefraccil

    The Highway in the Sky

    @ScanWorks @cjh66 Fun fact: Monorail Blue was the first Official Mark VI Monorail in service on June 10, 1989. Monorail Black was the first Mark VI to test on the beams, but had to be taken off after they found out the body style was a bit too big to fit into the Contemporary. (Oops) Due to the body rework, Black is the longest train at 204 feet while the others are all 203 feet, 6 inches.
  5. Hey, Everyone! So, as many of you know, when I’m not working on things on the WDW server (probably the Monorails), I work as a Monorail Pilot at the real WDW. (No wonder I wanted to work on the Monorails for the server right? Who would have guessed?) Many of you know that we have 12 lovely trains in our fleet, and each of them have a different color! Don’t remember them all? Well, let me help you out! You can see the image, but I’ll list them for you as well: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Silver, Gold, Coral, Lime, Teal, Peach. The last two are the two lovelies that unfortunately had to be retired, Pink and Purple. All these in mind, this is my question to you all: Which Monorail is your Favorite? Listing it is simple enough, but tell me a story if you had a really good experience or if it’s just your favorite one! Let me give you my example to start: My all time favorite is Monorail Purple. Purple is my favorite color and I can remember riding on Purple in the Early 2000’s before it had to go away. Now that Purple is gone, my top choice is definitely Peach. Why? Well, Peach has an interesting history, if you want to look it up, you may. And also, that’s the train I passed my Driving Assessment in on October 1st, 2016! The day I truly became a Monorail Pilot. Tell me all about your favorite! I’d love to hear any interesting stories about good Monorail experiences you might have had! Stay Magical, Everyone! Your friendly Monorail Pilot, Xefraccil
  6. So you really work at DW? Wow...

    1. ScanWorks



      @Xefraccil does, yes. Works with the monorails.

    2. cjh66


      Woah. It must be kinda funny being someone working at WDW and a server that is the same thing xD

    3. PrinceRisk


      IKR thats crazy a real cast member work for a server too.


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