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  1. So you really work at DW? Wow...

    1. ScanWorks



      @Xefraccil does, yes. Works with the monorails.

    2. cjh66


      Woah. It must be kinda funny being someone working at WDW and a server that is the same thing xD

    3. PrinceRisk


      IKR thats crazy a real cast member work for a server too.

  2. It’s a great day when I come in to work and have to take a magical bus adventure to the Epcot station. I guess nothing wants to work today. 

  3. Xefraccil


    @Brant It should be good for now until the next hiccup with the spawn signs.
  4. Xefraccil


    @Brant I’ll take a look before work. A recent server reboot may have caused the spawn signs to stop working. It happens sometimes.
  5. So our coordinator who was picking everyone up at the end of the night just rick-rolled everyone who was in the van. It was great.

    1. OhBen


      Who was it? Lol

    2. SurvivalSam
    3. Xefraccil


      The song played on the radio while we were headed back to TTC after he picked up everyone when we closed. He cranked up the volume and when the song ended he just said, “And now you’ve all been rick-rolled!”

  6. I love when I hear guests say something about the Monorails being broken, like it’s going to happen specifically then and there.

    Well.. that’s not usually the case.. /shrug


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