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  1. @Legobuilder0813 @Musician101
  2. Hey. Sorry for not seeing this sooner. We have no plans on making a custom mobile application for the Forums. The forums itself is already optimized for mobile use and is a 3rd party software powered by Invision Community, so its not something we can make a mobile application for. We are however working on a new website which will pull certain aspects of the forums and displays them. That's all I can say at this moment in time but it will contain some awesome features as well.
  3. *Notices you lurking*
    OwO, What's This?

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    2. Vidsify


      Things. Can't say what....

    3. Hazard


      Fair enough. Got a bug for ya to test in the bug tracker :) You literally helped me to find it.

    4. Vidsify


      I'll take a look

  4. Vidsify

    Buzz Wings

    Changed Status to Confirmed
  5. Vidsify

    Buzz Wings

    Thanks for the report @JishE We are aware of the issue and will be looking to push a fix out soon. @Legobuilder0813
  6. There are other bits as well which you can't see. Also it may have to be changed ingame depending on what area that image was taken in the parks
  7. The way the images are displayed is depending on what server you're in. Each server has its own image so it wouldn't be just a case of changing some HTML, we would have to edit the scripting behind it to load these images. We could possibly run a competition for something else which is yet to be released yet.
  8. Great idea @Gooby . I've added a Spoiler button to Editor Toolbar its the eye at the end. With Birthday's there is a module on the homepage but it will only display if there is a birthday on that day
  9. Vidsify


    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Vidsify


    Issue has been fixed
  11. Vidsify


    Changed Status to Confirmed
  12. Vidsify


    I am aware of the issue. Currently looking into it
  13. Changed Status to Fixed
  14. I believe this has now been fixed
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