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  1. Vidsify

    1.13 Compatible?

    We are currently working on updating to 1.13. Please be patient
  2. Vidsify

    Disney Character Name Game!

    Napoleon the Bloodhound (The Aristocats)
  3. Vidsify


    Once we fully released NewMK the old one will be removed off the server
  4. Vidsify


    @Maddimew I do not understand your suggestion
  5. Vidsify


    11 + 1 = CASTLE
  6. Vidsify

    A Call For Help!

    You must use 18-1.12.2 to join the server. We are currently working on 1.13 updates
  7. Good luck to all who are applying for Staff!

    1. Scienceman101


      Fingers crossed!


    2. JustinsWorld4U


      Thank you so much!! I really hope for the best! Good luck to all applying <3!

    3. Alexzipper04
  8. Vidsify

    The Highway in the Sky

    Yellow would have to be my favourite as it was the first one I took from TTC to MK on my first visit to WDW many many years ago
  9. Vidsify

    White Gamer Tags & TAB

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. Vidsify


    Looking good. Can't wait to see what its like!

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