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  1. I generally get the buses as we generally stay in Caribbean Beach. But my favourite is the monorail system!
  2. ThePilotGamer

    Attraction Game?

    Test Track!
  3. ThePilotGamer

    Character of the Week - 8

    Captain Hook!
  4. ThePilotGamer

    Civilian Life/Making Parks More Realistic

    Hello @ZuperGuy! The idea is very good and it would be very cool! But, it would cause a lot of lag.
  5. Hello guys! As I'm not on Palace a lot with my broken hand, I thought I'd start a little discussion on the forums! So, have any of you watched National Treasures? I have, and it's my favourite movie of all time. They're's these villans who try to steal the declaration of independence in the US, but the good guys steal it before they can! It's action packed and very fun to watch, hence why it is my favourite movie. Have any of you watched National Treasures? Let me know in the comments!

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