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  1. ThePilotGamer

    WDW ride soundtracks.

    I too love the Carousel of Progress! I also love the Main Street Audio, Soarin’ audio and the Tomorrowland audio!
  2. ThePilotGamer

    Compliments for... Everyone!

    So great. Thanks for everything guys!
  3. ThePilotGamer

    Pilot Entertainment!

  4. ThePilotGamer

    Pilot Entertainment!

    Hello! I would like to announce I'm creating a new company on The Palace Network! Pilot Entertainment! Pilot Entertainment will bring you hotels, parks, and lots more! Pilot Entertainment is a very new company and I require some staff members and leads to help me! Please reply to this thread saying that you’d like to join! Pilot.
  5. ThePilotGamer

    Character of the Week - 3

    Evil queen!
  6. ThePilotGamer

    [SPOILERS] National Treasures? Have you watched it?

  7. ThePilotGamer

    [SPOILERS] National Treasures? Have you watched it?

    2004, @Chrisboy04.
  8. ThePilotGamer

    What do you call this movie?

    I call it Zootropolis. It's because in the UK, it's called Zootropolis, where in the US, it's Zootopia.
  9. Hello guys! As I'm not on Palace a lot with my broken hand, I thought I'd start a little discussion on the forums! So, have any of you watched National Treasures? I have, and it's my favourite movie of all time. They're's these villans who try to steal the declaration of independence in the US, but the good guys steal it before they can! It's action packed and very fun to watch, hence why it is my favourite movie. Have any of you watched National Treasures? Let me know in the comments!
  10. ThePilotGamer

    Epcot countries

    My favourite is the UK! Even though I’m from the UK, I love the fish and chips they do! I also like Norway and Mexico!
  11. ThePilotGamer

    Another..Counting game o-o

    2+2=4-1 that's 208!
  12. ThePilotGamer

    Train Carts on Creative.

    @Grapes12345, hello! I like the idea, however, it may cause a lot of lag.
  13. ThePilotGamer

    Creative Contest Bigger And Better

    I think this is a fantastic idea! @limegreenicy is our creative admin, so I'll leave it to him.
  14. ThePilotGamer

    Staff Heads-Creative Suggestion

    You can get custom heads off of the head shop, but you cannot get custom heads by typing commands.

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