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  1. ThePilotGamer

    Hey friends it’s Josh!

    @Peanut_TheDog and @Joshmc_ are my queens omg
  2. ThePilotGamer

    THEPILOTGAMER IS AWESOME! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Hey Gucci Josh
  3. What's up gucci gang it's your boy and orca lover Pilot here. Here's my introduction: I'm Pilot, and I've played Palace since January 2016, back when it was MCMagic, I become a Mod on January 2018! I LOVEEEE SeaWorld, Disney, and Universal! My favourite animals are orcas! I live in England, United Kingdom. I own SeaWorld Palace, a SeaWorld dedicated company on the Creative server! My BFF is @Joshmc_ and my queen is @Peanut_TheDog ;p See you on the server!
  4. Lovely introduction!
  5. ThePilotGamer

    Pilot, your awesome!

    Thanks @Joshmc_! And thank you @Mavly!
  6. If you're reading this, you are most likely interested in becoming an Intern at SeaWorld Palace, but what do you do as an Intern? As an Intern, you will do the roles a trainer does, but on a smaller scale. You will be taught how to become a trainer, and if we think you did well, you will be promoted to a full-time trainer! Rules when applying: - Always use the template below when applying. - Use grammar and make sure to use paragraphs! - Don't ask when your application will be read, it will be read within 3 days. -Put your application title as: (USERNAME) Staff Application. Intern Application Status: OPEN! Intern Application Template: Username: Discord Username (Put N/A if you don't have Discord): Why are you applying for Intern? When did you discover SeaWorld Palace Entertainment? What do you know about SeaWorld in-real life? When was the last time you went to SeaWorld in-real life? How do you feel about animals in captivity? SCENARIO: A player is on the plot, they are flying in restricted areas and entering the pool during One Ocean, what would you do? Why did you choose SeaWorld Palace to apply to? Anything else? You will receive a response for your application in the next 3 days! Good luck! ThePilotGamer, Owner of SeaWorld Palace.
  7. ThePilotGamer

    Swim on, Kayla.

    Just a note, this is not SeaWorld Palace, this actually happened at SeaWorld Orlando.
  8. ThePilotGamer

    Shivers (application)

    @ItzPolarBear - thank you for showing your interest in applying! I am just adding this to let you know that if you would Ike to apply for a staff role (as you mentioned you would like Builder), please apply using the Staff Template!
  9. Swim in peace, Kayla. It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of 30 year old Kayla, who passed away suddenly this morning with her trainers by her side. Her cause of death is unknown, but according to SeaWorld, she started showing signs of discomfort on Saturday. Kayla was an amazing orca, and she will be missed dearly, and will always stay in our hearts. There are now only 5 orca's left at SeaWorld Orlando, and because SeaWorld ended their breeding program, when all of the orcas pass, there will be nore more orcas at SeaWorld. I hope this doesn't happen in my lifetime. It has been one of the most important things in my life. We shall be holding a special One Ocean at the weekend to remember Kayla. Signed, ThePilotGamer Owner of SeaWorld Palace.
  10. ThePilotGamer


    That's so cool!
  11. ThePilotGamer


    @DaddyGeesh - aww, that's so cool! Welcome to the club!
  12. Aer Lingus has unveiled its new brand livery, more than two decades since the airline's last refresh. The update aims to give the brand a more modern and fresh image as the airline continues its expansion into the North Atlantic market. The changes include a new version of the shamrock logo and new paint for the aircraft. Four more new aircraft due to arrive this year will also come painted in the new colours. Aer Lingus plans to increase its fleet to 80 over the coming years as it grows the North Atlantic fleet from 17 to 30 by 2023. 850 litres of paint are needed to cover a wide-bodied aircraft over 10 days, while a narrow body version requires 500 litres over seven to eight days. The unveiling happened at Dublin airport today, where the airline showed off a newly painted A330-300 series aircraft in its maintenance hangar. The first flight of the newly painted aircraft will be tomorrow, when it will travel to JFK airport in New York. Recently appointed Aer Lingus Chief Executive Sean Doyle said the "refreshed brand reflects an airline that connects those living in Montreal to Marseilles; in Berlin to Boston; as well as those living in Cork to Croatia. Thank you for reading this Aviation News! Have a great day!
  13. ThePilotGamer

    Added Players

    No worries.
  14. ThePilotGamer

    Added Players

    The person's head only shows when the player is online.

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